Race 1
Win: blizzard of oz
Place; best thunderstorm
Show: separate sense

Race 2
Win: super giant
Place: charming deer
Show: dreamlight

Race 3
Win; expensive record
Place; Indian curlin
Show: cute mountain

Race 4
Win: war dance
Place: away the classics
Show: petite joke
Quinella $500

Race 5
Win: just in time
Place: Memphis $100
Show: night owl records

Race 6
Win; high pet
Place; floating summer
Show: evienne

Race 7
Win; Vegas residency
Place: brief spark
Show: energetic stage

Race 8
Win: burning bead
Place: well of wisdom
Show: tense noise

Race 9
Win: marvelous clover
Place: special feather
Show: precoat

Race 10
Win: careless ball
Place: roan bandit
Show: invincible flame

Race 11
Win; the end of days $250
Place: avoid lightning
Show: March of glory

Race 12
Win: better believe it
Place: innocent square
Show: imaginary alarm

Race 13
Win: steadfast border $250
Place: wiry move
Show: navy’s gift

Race 14
Win: giant mist
Place: black velvet band
Show: cherished

Race 15
Win: more valentines $250
Place: fortitude south
Show: excellent account

Race 16
Win: save your kisses
Place: indee
Show: castle nights

Race 17
Win: Santa margarita
Place: no two ways
Show: secret ensign $50

Race 18
Win: love is blind
Place: quarren fairy
Show: lightning thief

Race 19
Win: Sargon
Place: attractive cloth
Show: cibola

Race 20
Win: city of roses
Place: bliksem
Show: wanda

Race 21
Win: macaroni sun
Place: silky blush
Show: act of parliament

Race 22
Win: small thing
Place: careful phoenix
Show: Hogwarts truth

Race 23
Win: first round
Place: Daisy jones
Show: Hogwarts sunset $50

Race 24
Win: mount superior
Place: wings of a dove
Show: I’ll fly away

Race 25
Win: great horned owl
Place: no kissing
Show: decisive away win

Race 26
Win: someone you loved
Place: hawk by night
Show: holy delivery

Race 27
Win: Etta place $250
Place: hyped up
Show: demonic rush

Race 28
Win: dimming light
Place: glistening design
Show: magical toy

Race 29
Win: rose of allendale
Place: spirit flame
Show: price of fame

Race 30
Win: resist
Place: April thunder
Show: mature mark
Trifecta $1000

Race 31
Win; beyond wild
Place: navy’s story $100
Show: requiem

Race 32
Win: unspoken evil $250
Place: cute thought
Show: dizzy page

Race 33
Win: complex record
Place: Scottish high
Show: intelligent noise

Race 34
Win: lost kitten
Place: fairly Adriatic
Show: fool’s luck

Race 35
Win: favorite excuse
Place: alleged writer
Show: American fool

Race 36
Win: Hawaii
Place; imported clover
Show; last sea
Quinella $500

Race 37
Win: a fool for chunky $250
Place: curious marble
Show: chaos frost $50

Race 38
Win: California red
Place: super rebel
Show: separate side $50

Race 39
Win: fortunate lawyer
Place: sudden idol
Show: pure poison

Race 40
Win: hot fog
Place: possible ember
Show: wooden honey

Race 41
Win: handsome trip
Place: ancient moon $100
Show: graceful caption $50

Race 42
Win: fierce
Place:homely cove
Show: kind answer

Race 43
Win: careless air $250
Place; small town appeal
Show: matrimony

Race 44
Win: this queen
Place: excellent action
Show: ding dong dash

Race 45
Win: beta quin
Place: solid sunshine
Show: lavish answer $50

Race 46
Win: wonderful sponsor
Place: flashy thunder
Show: light of romance

Race 47
Win: brigit
Place: jokes on you
Show: space western

Race 48
Win:wistful watch
Place: deck officer
Show: blushing trail

Race 49
Win: off limits
Place:Celtic shore
Show: TiltingAtWindmills

Race 50
Win: glorious king
Place: classy streak
Show: slow judgement
Quinella $500