Race 1
Win: Devon rex $250
Place: frosted aly
Show: famous account

Race 2
Win: bittern
Place: stripped
Show: dash of romance $50

Race 3
Win: marsden
Place: Oliver
Show: blushing nation

Race 4
Win: tall idea
Place: sharp boundary
Show: lethal snow

Race 5
Win: high sand
Place: pretty man $100
Show: trumps evil

Race 6
Win: unruly rain
Place: wide aura
Show: sambora

Race 7
Win: lady of the river
Place: salt and pepper
Show: treacherous

Race 8
Win: fantastic owl
Place: thoughtful steed
Show: blood orange

Race 9
Win: deadly strike
Place: worship the stars
Show: Mona Lisa smile

Race 10
Win: chocolate frog
Place: big amount
Show: thoughtful war

Race 11
Win: hilarious ice
Place: clear flavor
Show: mute moonbeam

Race 12
Win: space sparks
Place: Eagle motif
Show: dubawi stream

Race 13
Win: commandeering
Place: fair marble
Show: criminal mind $50

Race 14
Win: galavant
Place: worthy secret
Show: grace amazing $50

Race 15
Win; hot candle
Place: glossy visitor
Show; keen ocean

Race 16
Win: young galaxy
Place: moonlight shadows
Show: lavish star

Race 17
Win; plain news
Place: handsome prince
Show; bitter hillside $50

Race 18
Win: Bound to blush
Place: five tigers
Show: Celtic card

Race 19
Win: free impact
Place: giant owl
Show: brief snow $50

Race 20
Win: cautious swirl
Place: steady connection $100
Show: thorn

Race 21
Win: they
Place: unusual news
Show: sleepy motion
Trifecta $1000

Race 22
Win: walk under stars
Place: Orion
Show: troubling protest

Race 23
Win: ripe rock
Place: fool’s band
Show: last ballot

Race 24
Win: alpine stories
Place: cursed star
Show: troubled water
Quinella $500

Race 25
Win: pyre
Place: oatley
Show: cool gold

Race 26
Win: typical view
Place: impossible rest
Show: promised by god

Race 27
Win: timelessly classy $250
Place: famous wind
Show: silent thief $50

Race 28
Win: beware the bear
Place: pasta bowl
Show: charming ticket

Race 29
Win: jazzy ember
Place: hot sleet
Show: candy shoppe

Race 30
Win: wine country
Place: westworld
Show: charming man

Race 31
Win: with this ring
Place: vice versa
Show: frozen

Race 32
Win: like an Eagle
Place: fleet venture
Show: American Indy $50

Race 33
Win: whizzer $250
Place: black California
Show: ancient streak

Race 34
Win: mad grace $250
Place: jagged leaf
Show: wary answer

Race 35
Win: the greatest trick
Place: gangs of New York
Show: magic spell
Quinella $500

Race 36
Win: boundless money
Place; Indy guise
Show: microscopic

Race 37
Win: crafty lights
Place: sharp cherry
Show: accurate detail

Race 38
Win: familiar cannon
place: keeper of secret
Show; rich amount
Trifecta $1000

Race 39
Win; fierce rock
Place: subdued toy
Show: mature pirate $50

Race 40
Win: volatile night
Place: palindrome
Show: beat goes on

Race 41
Win: simply fabulous
Place: hippocamp $100
Show: kitty cognac $50

Race 42
Win: big scene
Place: spiritus
Show: white gardenia

Race 43
Win: fairyland
Place: faint tiger $100
Show: faded voice

Race 44
Win: Stetson $250
Place: willful record
Show; time warp

Race 45
Win: coburn
Place: animated chain
Show: zealous rush

Race 46
Win: cavalli
Place: save the whales
Show: stratosphere

Race 47
Win; catsby
Place: Cherry port
Show: witty Cherry

Race 48
Win: manhattan
Place:deep dark ocean
Show; famous sunshine

Race 49
Win: copyright
Place: extra frosting
Show: stormy vessel

Race 50
Win: lilac bean
Place; same theory
Show: inside information