Race 1
Win; gifted prodigy
Place; giant pet
Show: immense clock

Race 2
Win: ancient sir
Place; ancient honey
Show: electric city
Trifecta $1000

Race 3
Win: rainy arch
Place: benefactor $100
Show: lucky miss

Race 4
Win; general point
Place: shy profit
Show: bitter hillside

Race 5
Win: sky rocket
Place: Townsend river
Show: French train

Race 6
Win: Royal bird $250
Place: rampant cord
Show: magic silk $50

Race 7
Win; Luna de oro
Place: miss etiquette
Show: USS Blue Ridge $50

Race 8
Win: fool in the rain
Place: wild wind
Show: rapid leaf

Race 9
Win: Pocahontas
Place: be prepared $100
Show; chilly filly $50

Race 10
Win; whimsical rake
Place: lucky winter
Show: symbol of eight

Race 11
Win; ancient snow
Place: heavy degree
Show: Cherokee warrior $50

Race 12
Win: best boy $250
Place: secreto de oro
Show: fantastic owl

Race 13
Win: hogsmeade rebel $250
Place: running the moon
Show: golden illusion $50

Race 14
Win: back streets fool
Place: shrill holiday
Show: baked alaska

Race 15
Win: rainy wind
Place; warm temper
Show: radar

Race 16
Win: good to momma
Place: nutmeg
Show: bellriver

Race 17
Win: juniper night
Place: heart’s desire
Show: howgh

Race 18
Win: American beauty
Place: long live magic
Show: getting lucky

Race 19
Win: love frolic
Place: sea nymph
Show: Ionean sea

Race 20
Win: naval director
Place: burning warrior $100
Show: various candle

Race 21
Win: lost flyer
Place: what is written
Show: undertow

Race 22
Win: good grief
Place: loveless
Show: blazing copper
Quinella $500

Race 23
Win: lucky penny $250
Place: simply fabulous
Show: more about that

Race 24
Win: forgiven
Place: hogsmeade wonder
Show: the hard road

Race 25
Win: clear space
Place: Marian’s all that
Show: twilight’s last

Race 26
Win: March of glory
Place: silky fool
Show: venture a kiss

Race 27
Win: peaceful spell
Place: charming ticket $100
Show: license to kill

Race 28
Win: worth remembering $250
Place: impartial form
Show: espiritu

Race 29
Win; oro rosa $250
Place: separate side
Show: lemon balm

Race 30
Win; armored flight
Place: off sunset
Show: dunbrody power

Race 31
Win: Winchester
Place: wild classic
Show: remarkable moon

Race 32
Win: fierce rock
Place: lucky society
Show: poised

Race 33
Win: punishment cuddles
Place: city of chance
Show: adventurous metal

Race 34
Win: Bella magica
Place: elegant princess
Show: the whiz

Race 35
Win:outstanding ocean
Place: nonstop decision
Show: la bolt

Race 36
Win: aquaris
Place: dream big
Show: worth my love

Race 37
Win: smoke on the wind $250
Place: grateful lion
Show: beach spider

Race 38
Win: difficult dragon
Place: fleet foot
Show: bowling for soup

Race 39
Win: landing
Place: beautiful voice
Show: perfect trick

Race 40
Win: gang of demons
Place; noble gift
Show: nightmares

Race 41
Win: dune
Place: honeycomb
Show: modern class

Race 42
Win: obedient cave
Place: ballroom whispers
Show: lavish star

Race 43
Win: quirky doll
Place: come join the navy
Show; special light $50

Race 44
Win: he did it $250
Place: pure poison
Show: unruly rain

Race 45
Win: this bandit $250
Place:glorious minute
Show; story of hogsmeade

Race 46
Win: falls road $250
Place: cloudy with rain
Show: Rreckless

Race 47
Win: stand my ground
Place: fireworks display
Show: cathedral stone

Race 48
Win; tabloid troubadour $250
Place: about that streak
Show: chief executive

Race 49
Win: superb fall
Place: fierce game
Show:eager lyre

Race 50
Win: bananaquit
Place: super run
Show: maester