Trifecta x 3 = 3000
Quinella x 2 = 1000
Win x 13 = 3250
Place x 5 = 500
Show x 3 = 150
Total: $7900

Race 1
Win: Matchbox - $250
Place: Legal Profit
Show: Holy Bandit

Race 2
Win: Naval Fleet - $250
Place: Story’s Sponsor
Show: Elqui Valley

Race 3
Win: Tag Chaser
Place: Crown Vic
Show: HillsLikeElephants

Race 4 - Trifecta $1000
Win: Victor’s Class
Place: Bourgeoisie
Show: Southern Hour

Race 5
Win: Extravagant
Place: Flummoxed
Show: Delightful Note - $50

Race 6
Win: Wise Guide
Place: Prince of Wales
Show: Armorer’s Secret

Race 7 - Quinella $500
Win: Anise
Place: Radiohead
Show: Major Nitemare

Race 8
Win: Eivor
Place: Jolly Edge
Show: Run On Indy

Race 9
Win: Lingering Trick
Place: Languish
Show: Gifted Attempt

Race 10
Win: Immense Clock
Place: Dapper Arch
Show: Evil Gal

Race 11
Win: Broad Angle - $250
Place: Blazing Air
Show: Irish Black

Race 12
Win: Book of Days
Place: Thornton - $100
Show: Security

Race 13
Win: Feijoa - $250
Place: Cat Has Jazz
Show: Fool to be Sassy

Race 14
Win: Midwest Rebel
Place: Vanity Project
Show: Calle de Fuego

Race 15
Win: Fall Girl
Place: Gesture
Show: Follow the Stars

Race 16
Win: Quiet Splendor
Place: Last Snowfall
Show: Song of Prosperity

Race 17
Win: Sponsor’s Flag
Place: Catoctin
Show: Calle d’Aphrodite

Race 18
Win: The Sweet
Place: Glow Light
Show: Reynard

Race 19
Win: Holy Dreams
Place: Ancient Volcano
Show: Roman Gold

Race 20 - Trifecta $1000
Win: Schmaltzy
Place: Silver Drop
Show: Gotta Be Sea

Race 21
Win: Devil’s Glen - $250
Place: The Fire Within
Show: Massive Magic

Race 22 - Quinella $500
Win: Arc En Ciel
Place: Caramella
Show: Drifting Art

Race 23
Win: Missed Call
Place: Dress You Up
Show: Stereotypical

Race 24
Win: Marlon Brando - $250
Place: Wireless
Show: Tubbercurry

Race 25
Win: Dawn of Victory
Place: Learned Music
Show: Equilibrium

Race 26
Win: Spice Girl
Place: Stolen Moment
Show: Left at the Post

Race 27
Win: Through the Mill
Place: Mayhaw
Show: Hogwarts Dove

Race 28
Win: Old Form
Place: Gentillesse - $100
Show: Evil Aunt

Race 29
Win: Sleeping Draught - $250
Place: Squid Heads
Show: Tessellate

Race 30 - Trifecta $1000
Win: Snowberry
Place: Sunday Dress
Show: Mute South

Race 31
Win: Kentucky Derby
Place: Serpentine - $100
Show: Long Song

Race 32
Win: Forgotten Memories
Place: Devil’s Date
Show: Black Fern - $50

Race 33
Win: Highly Classified
Place: Rub’ Al Khali
Show: Mysterious Way

Race 34
Win: Bitter Cover - $250
Place: Third Time Lucky
Show: Mark of Silver

Race 35
Win: Troubled Mark
Place: Speaking Birds
Show: Highland Session

Race 36
Win: Crafty Grace - $250
Place: Tiny Motion
Show: Lowly Square

Race 37
Win: Gangbuster
Place: Meek Field
Show: Beaufort

Race 38
Win: Armani - $250
Place: Matinee
Show: Fumos

Race 39
Win: Feathered Boa - $250
Place: Harold the Fanged
Show: Hollywood Nights

Race 40
Win: Companion
Place: Persuasive - $100
Show: O’riordan

Race 41
Win: Tan Lead
Place: Moon Gold
Show: Dream Exit

Race 42
Win: Mind Blowing - $250
Place: Soft Way
Show: Adventurous Card

Race 43
Win: Vampire Slayer
Place: Gold Club
Show: Empressina

Race 44
Win: Sudden Wealth
Place: Complex Caption - $100
Show: Ancient Runner

Race 45
Win: Downtown Jazz
Place: Fungible
Show: Exonerated - $50

Race 46
Win: Come Away Lads
Place: Celebes
Show: Space River

Race 47
Win: Cohiba
Place: Sway
Show: Reset

Race 48
Win: James of Scotland - $250
Place: Magical Ease
Show: Save It All

Race 49
Win: Caranus
Place: No Foolin’ Me
Show: Unusual Offer

Race 50
Win: Feet So Fast
Place: FlowersForTheLady
Show: Tottenham Festival