Race 1
Win; legal profit
Place: heat waves
Show: mistletoe kiss

Race 2
Win: magnetic measure
Place: story’s sponsor
Show: frame subtraction

Race 3
Win: Tabasco
Place: crown Vic
Show: tag chaser

Race 4
Win: victor’s class $250
Place: colonial dawn
Show: quill

Race 5
Win: unruly visitor $250
Place: isle of spice
Show: delightful note $50

Race 6
Win: wise guide
Place: prince of wales
Show; same shore

Race 7
Win: Fast Fuel
Place: mysterious note
Show: chief lion $50

Race 8
Win: subpoena
Place: run on Indy
Show: eivor
Trifecta $1000

Race 9
Win: lingering trick
Place: languish
Show: top post

Race 10
Win: frail rainstorm
Place: immense clock
Show: dapper arch $50

Race 11
Win: standing texture
Place: Irish black
Show: blazing air $50

Race 12
Win: return to oz
Show: plucky trick

Race 13
Win: Veela
Place: cat has jazz
Show: fool to be sassy

Race 14
Win; wild Alaska
Place: Midwest rebel
Show: Howe

Race 15
Win: atlanticus
Show: fall girl

Race 16
Win: eternal wine
Place: last snowfall
Show:quiet splendor $50

Race 17
Win: catocin
Place: away day
Show: chilly regret

Race 18
Win: sassy fool
Place: the sweet
Show: starry destiny

Race 19
Win: superstorm
Place: dignity
Show: fedora

Race 20
Win: silver drop
Place: captain panic
Show: foolishly lucky

Race 21
Win: the fire within
Place: massive magic
Show: Devil’s glen

Race 22
Win: drifting art
Place: arc en ciel
Show: gilded queen $50

Race 23
Win: missed call
Place: dress you up
Show: shy silver

Race 24
Win: tubbercurry
Place: wireless
Show: Outback playboy

Race 25
Win: kinda foolish
Place: dawn of time
Show: the flash

Race 26
Win: spice girl
Place: stolen moment
Show: boundless scent

Race 27
Win: mayhaw
Place; through the mill $100
Show: Hogwarts dove

Race 28
Win:smiling dust
Place: old form
Show:dizzy nation

Race 29
Win; squid heads
Place; cosmic soul
Show: unsponsored

Race 30
Win: Sunday dress
Place: snowberry
Show: wooden war

Race 31
Win; streak of silk
Place: Kentucky derby
Show: accurate thrill

Race 32
Win: black fern
Place: Devil’s date
Show: countess legacy

Race 33
Win: pepperbox
Place: highly classified
Show: holy won

Race 34
Win: mark of silver
Place: forever wheel
Show; gun for hire

Race 35
Win: speaking birds
Place: troubled mark $100
Show: cute myth

Race 36
Win: crafty grace
Place: alert offer
Show: lowly square
Quinella $500

Race 37
Win: Beaufort
Place: meek field
Show: gangbuster $50

Race 38
Win: polarize
Place: Armani
Show: matinee

Race 39
Win: Hollywood night
Place: sponsor’s devil $100
Show: lonely act

Race 40
Win: companion
Place: heavenly marble
Show: burning red

Race 41
Win: sleepy fish
Place:Ashcroft manor $100
Show; tan lead

Race 42
Win: closing the gap
Place: steal a cigar
Show: soft way $50

Race 43
Win: vampire slayer
Place: newest dreams
Show; cherry twist

Race 44
Win: complex caption
Place: ancient runner
Show: sudden wealth $50

Race 45
Win: polite feeling
Place: downtown jazz $100
Show: handy square

Race 46
Win: space river
Place: polite form
Show: come away lads

Race 47
Win: sway
Place: reset
Show: the waif

Race 48
Win; glorious minute
Place: save it all $100
Show: friendly caption

Race 49
Win: handy number
Place: noiseless fog
Show: no foolin’ me

Race 50
Win: superpower
Place: feet so fast
Show: fanclub