Race 1
Win: by all accounts
Place: grenado
Show: etched wine

Race 2
Win:momentous reward
Place: maid Marion
Show: quiet verse

Race 3
Win: quaint minute
Place: hogsmeade wonder $100
Show: riding tides

Race 4
Win: addressee unknown
Place: American Indy
Show: foolish miss

Rave 5
Win: callous brick
Place: pale ball
Show: long cord

Race 6
Win: Luna de oro
Place: fresh swing
Show: truth will out

Race 7
Win: finish line
Place: spring fool
Show: serene journey

Race 8
Win: magnetic measure
Place: kingbreaker
Show: drunken squid

Race 9
Win: dream the endless
Place: kiss chase
Show; crafty Irish

Race 10
Win; flashy thunder
Place: whirlpool galaxy
Show: puzzled $50

Race 11
Win: tied to Hogwarts
Place: dignity
Show: melody

Race 12
Win: definitely first
Place:young ice
Show: like lake

Race 13
Win: general point
Place: shy profit $100
Show: wishful number

Race 14
Win: what the funk $250
Place: magical bird
Show: dubawi dream

Race 15
Win; forgotten actor
Place: icy metal
Show: Hawaii $50

Race 16
Win: noiseless fog
Place: brass shade
Show: sudden book $50

Race 17
Win: find Atlantis
Place: awantura
Show: ice lady

Race 18
Win: kinda ancient
Place: cream on top
Show: misty rush

Race 19
Win: Yellow Journalism
Place: young grasshopper $100
Show: rapid picture

Race 20
Win: bitter ship
Place: arrogant actor
Show: etched field
Trifecta $1000

Race 21
Win: crystal black
Place: Irish coffee
Show: saint Indy $50

Race 22
Win: dewberry
Place: tax me twice
Show: lucky sea $50

Race 23
Win: neowise
Place: witty order
Show: assessment $50

Race 24
Win: magic kingdom $250
Place: Dover beach
Show: ripe number

Race 25
Win: seen
Place: wild advice
Show: vivid imagination

Race 26
Win: cagey candle
Place: modern class
Show: lap of luxury

Race 27
Win: Moscow
Place: foolish melody
Show: whiskey plank

Race 28
Win: lucid dream
Place: demonic rush
Show: sharp holiday
Quinella $500

Race 29
Win: stormy vessel
Place: legal ring
Show: thundering class

Race 30
Win: fortitude south
Place: deathly hallows
Show: hogsmeade princess

Race 31
Win: anduin
Place: lucky society
Show: peaceful design

Race 32
Place: trapdoor
Show: beach babe

Race 33
Win: hope’s burning $250
Place: tame demon
Show: hot fog

Race 34
Win: Rreckless
Place: great robin
Show: shallow spring

Race 35
Win: wayward event
Place: sunset streak
Show: like west $50

Race 36
Win: expensive perfume
Place: steal the light
Show: Riyadh

Race 37
Win: zodiac rose
Place: thundering deer
Show: dream big

Race 38
Win: Sakura
Place: flaming watch
Show: known sunshine $50

Race 39
Win: first snow
Place: Hollywood frost
Show: long dark life

Race 40
Win: ariella
Place: quirky sky
Show: outrageous water $50

Race 41
Win: sponsored secret $250
Place: getting lucky
Show: ghost strike

Race 42
Win: larmour
Place: wooden honey
Show: sleepy fish
Quinella $500

Race 43
Win: Galloway forest
Place: crawley
Show: beam us up scotty

Race 44
Win: forgotten love
Place: sacred hills
Show: swift burn

Race 45
Win: legionnaires $250
Place: stairway
Show: sunstruck side

Race 46
Win: something deeper $250
Place: classy style
Show: giant pet

Race 47
Win: careful winter
Place: cash in your chips $100
Show: secret love $50

Race 48
Win: anyway
Place: indigo cherry
Show: jaded truth $50

Race 49
Win: dark glacier
Place: mea culpa
Show: mountain giant

Race 50
Win: great north
Place: hundred acre wood
Show: loveisabattlefield