Only two out today.

Articulate (2yo, Express Yourself) in an Allowance. Her fourth win in five starts.

Also Rans:
Feather Boa (2yo, Mantle of Power) 6th in a NW2 Allowance

Super excited about Tense Imagination’s win! Also a bit confused, so maybe those who have stallions at stud can help me out here. His race record says he has 7 wins to qualify for stud (this last win is ungraded, if that changes things), including 2 G1 wins, and he has a total of 12 stakes top 3. I can’t retire him to stud, though. Is he still missing a qualification? I’m not aiming to retire him now, but I’m trying to understand the qualification process. I’ve never been so close to having a stud before!

3(3)-1(1)-0-1(1)-0 $169,500

GCh. Tense Imagination (5yo, Crystal Rainbow) in the Empire Classic (Ungr.)

Ch. Major Sunset (5yo, Major’s Flight) in the First Flight Stakes (Gr. 2)

Ch. Chasing Gold (6yo, Witness) in the First Flight Stakes (Gr. 2)


It might be because it’s outside of the breeding season. I think you can’t retire stallions to stud until January now. If he’s met the criteria, you should be able to retire him from January 1st (assuming you want to).

It looks like he should be qualified. Congratulations.


Beautiful! Thank you so much for the info! I’m over the moon excited! 12 years in this game and I finally get a stallion qualified!!! XD


Congrats! It will be nice to have another Crystal Rainbow son at stud one day!

We finally have a day worth posting with our 2nd homebred MSW, American Crime!

6(1)-1(1)-1-1-1 $65,300

Ch. American Crime (2yo, American Pharoah) in the Pilgrim Stakes (Ungr.)

Ch. Ellis Island (3yo, Quarren) in an Allowance

Draconian Love (4yo, Von Lichtenstein) in a NW3 Allowance

Muggle (3yo, Silver Wizard) in an Allowance

Louisiana (4yo, Created) in a NW3 Allowance

Also Rans:
Baton Rouge (2yo, French Ruby) 7th in a NW2 Allowance


Congratulations @Firefly! That’s so exciting!

17(5)-5-4(1)-2(1)-1(1) $194,250

Really excited that Sad in Paris – one of my four(!) homebreds in my first crop, all with Gossip Girl-themed names (ahaha) – is now stakes placed.

Evil Magic (6yo, Dr. Evil) in a NW3 Allowance
Hithlain (3yo, Unabridged) in a NW3 Allowance
Shrill Scene (4yo, Stagehand) in a NW3 Allowance
Ch. Major Lover (6yo, Major’s Flight) in an Allowance
Agreeable Bell (6yo, Golden Text) in an Allowance

Hey You (4yo, Express Yourself) in a NW2 Allowance
Gillyflower (5yo, Magic Cross) in a NW3 Allowance
Sufficient (4yo, Oscillation) in an Allowance
Sad in Paris (2yo, Dark Continent) in the Miss Grillo Stakes (Ungr.)

Alert Clock (3yo, Exit Poll) in a NW2 Allowance
Ch. Lord Alydar (5yo, Lord Nelson) in the Empire Classic (Ungr.)

Youknowyouloveme (2yo, Long Live The King) in the Miss Grillo Stakes (Ungr.)

Dazzled Measure (4yo, To Die For) in a NW3 Allowance

Also Rans:
First Angel (2yo, First Born Son) 7th in a NW3 Allowance
Say Grace (4yo, V is for Victory) 6th in a NW3 Allowance
Unintentional (3yo, Mantle of Power) 7th in the Empire Classic (Ungr.)
Navy Mountain (6yo, In The Navy) 7th in the Cross My Heart Stakes (Gr. 2)


Congrats @Firefly! This has been a big year for new horses qualifying for stud, which is so exciting. Especially happy to see another Crystal Rainbow son qualify.

15(5)-6(1)-1(1)-3(1)-0 $276,300

Juniper Vale (4yo, Created) in a NW1 Allowance and breaks his maiden in his SC debut.
Ch. Stalking (6yo, Strider) in an Allowance
Ch. Marked Crusade (6yo, Player) in an Allowance
Aureus Stella (4yo, Eighteen Karat) in an Allowance
Ch. Carbonated (4yo, I’m Your Angel) in a NW3 Allowance
Ch. Cabaret (5yo, Mr. Prospective) in the First Flight Stakes (Gr. 2). Originally I was aiming her at the BC F/M Sprint then chickened out. Maybe I should have kept to my original plan, as she won the First Flight by 2. Oh well. I’ll take the win!

Heartsbane (2yo, Gotta Go) in the Fernhill Handicap (Gr. 3). Excited over her SP! Dam now has 100% SW or SP foals.

Church Mouse (2yo, Unabridged) in a NW3 Allowance
Christmas Past (2yo, Hogwarts) in a NW3 Allowance
Frostmourne (2yo, Frosted) in the Pilgrim Stakes (Ungr.). Both my Frosted 2yo’s are now SP.

Twisted Son (7yo, Player) in an Allowance. Retired.

Also Rans:
Feohanagh (2yo, Mantle of Power) 10th in a NW2 Allowance
Scholar’s Mate (3yo, Lasting Spirit) 6th in an Allowance
Papillon Noir (3yo, French Ruby) 6th in the Cross My Heart Stakes (Gr. 2). Too tight of a turn around. Took a risk. Was a bad move.
Stillwater Farms lease Audere est Facere (3yo, Tottenham Hotspur) 7th in the Victoria Handicap (Gr. 3)

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Congratulations, Firefly!
Mixed results here; and, again, I claimed a horse because I liked the name :wink:

Scherz (2yo, Quintet) in a NW3 Allowance

Fräulein Schläfrig (2yo, I’m No Fool) in an Allowance

Bow To Me (2yo, Nobly Regal) in a claiming race

Also Rans:
Zickzack (2yo, Al Mundhir) 9th in a NW2 Allowance
Zissa (2yo, Allinvain) 7th in the Miss Grillo Stakes (Ungr.)

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Well done to Firefly

15(7)-1(1)-5(1)-1-3(1) $140,900

Just the one win, but very pleased with Sallybrooks stakes win. She’s 2/2 now and will be rested now till next year

Sallybrook (2yo, Irish Gold) in the Miss Grillo Stakes (Ungr.)

The Grey Duchess (3yo, Away The Lads) in a NW2 Allowance
All Struck Out (4yo, Drum Major) in an Allowance
Natural Born Liar (3yo, Painted Raven) in an Allowance
Deacon Dan (4yo, Ducati) in a NW3 Allowance
Ch. Abandon Hope (5yo, Von Lichtenstein) in the First Flight Stakes (Gr. 2)

Canyonlands (4yo, Mantle of Power) in an Allowance

Repulse (3yo, Can’t Touch This) in a NW3 Allowance
Porcelain Doll (4yo, Ducati) in a NW3 Allowance
Festivity (4yo, I’m No Fool) in the Victoria Handicap (Gr. 3)

Black Causeway (2yo, Black Cherry) in a NW3 Allowance
Ch. Bright Bonnet (4yo, Chivalry) in the Empire Classic (Ungr.)
Ch. Dark Champ (3yo, Frankel) in the Victoria Handicap (Gr. 3)

Also Rans:
Edgeworthstown (2yo, Painted Raven) 10th in the Pilgrim Stakes (Ungr.)
Dazzling Deer (3yo, Strike It Rich) 10th in the VRC St. Leger (Gr. 3)

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I think this is the best day I’ve ever had!

Silver Moon (2yo, Silver Wizard) in a claiming race
Fáistine (2yo, Belanso) in a NW2 Allowance
Under Your Scars (3yo, Superdocious) in an Allowance
Medussa (3yo, Doodles) in a NW2 Allowance
Seventh Sister (3yo, Lasting Spirit) in a NW3 Allowance
Lazy Afternoon (4yo, Edinburgh) in an Allowance

Sir Nicholas (4yo, Hogsmeade) in a NW1 Allowance
Gladd Tidings (4yo, Sleipnir) in a NW3 Allowance
Delicate Swing (3yo, Highland Burning) in a NW3 Allowance
Soul Queen (4yo, Von Lichtenstein) in a NW3 Allowance

Ao Maho (2yo, Blue Smoke) in a NW3 Allowance
Dreamofpegasus (4yo, Sleipnir) in an Allowance
Changing Signals (3yo, Changeling) in a NW3 Allowance

Ostara (4yo, Hogwarts) in an Allowance
Rebellious Miss (4yo, Frankel) in an Allowance
Navy Captain (4yo, In The Navy) in an Allowance
Ease the Tension (5yo, V is for Victory) in a NW3 Allowance
Windy Ghost (5yo, Moonopoly) in a NW2 Allowance

Hollywood Dixie (3yo, Dixie Time) in an Allowance
Ch. Wary Measure (4yo, Silver Wizard) in an Allowance
Ode to Autumn (2yo, Yes It’s Paddy) in the Pilgrim Stakes (Ungr.)

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Congratulations @Firefly!!

Zvonnitsa (4yo, Last For More) in a NW3 Allowance
Dove From Above (4yo, Bernardini) in a NW3 Allowance
On Demand (4yo, Dark Demand) in a NW3 Allowance
First Crystal (3yo, First Born Son) in the VRC St. Leger (Gr. 3)- new stakes winner in the barn!

Tall Note (3yo, Latino Mix) in a NW3 Allowance
Voracious Shade (5yo, Tottenham Hotspur) in an Allowance
Icy Minute (4yo, I’m No Fool) in an Allowance

Commander McGarret (3yo, Naval Commander) in a NW3 Allowance

Pardon My French (4yo, French Ruby) in an Allowance

Princess (5yo, Magic Glory) in a NW3 Allowance
Go To War (3yo, Simply Heroic) in the Cross My Heart Stakes (Gr. 2)

Also Rans:
Great Phoenix (4yo, Mr. Townsend) 7th in an Allowance
Spock’s Victory (4yo, Spock) 6th in an Allowance
Bright Thread (2yo, Frankel) 6th in the Pilgrim Stakes (Ungr.)

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Las Vegas Showgirl (3yo, Prince Of Wonder) in a NW2 Allowance

Holy Crusader (2yo, Gang of Thieves) in a NW3 Allowance
Express Check Out (2yo, Express Yourself) in an Allowance

Day Of Magic (2yo, Ancient Magic) in a NW2 Allowance
Heavenlight (4yo, Monarchos) in an Allowance

Dance Dance (2yo, LiveLong&Prosper) in a NW2 Allowance
Ruby Finch (2yo, Gunningdownromance) in a NW3 Allowance
Custom Deluxe (2yo, Dark Demand) in a NW3 Allowance

Also Ran
Eden’s Burning (2yo, Highland Burning) 8th in a NW2 Allowance
Seven Bridges (4yo, Unabridged) 8th in an Allowance