Race 1
Win: dazzling money
Place: shocking wood
Show: boundless charm

Race 2
Win: wakely
Place: known sunshine
Show: fortheloveofcoffee

Race 3
Win: easy rock
Place: valuable rain
Show: far silver

Race 4
Win: endow
Place: giant pet
Show: better honor

Race 5
Win: Rreckless
Place: burning bead
Show: useful ice

Race 6
Win: ablative halo
Place: vast decision
Show: vulpix

Race 7
Win: smoky mountains
Place: long seed
Show: gold standard

Race 8
Win: supreme honor
Place: Pedro the cruel
Show: honorable whistle

Race 9
Win: very late
Place: golden miss
Show: la bolt

Race 10
Win: warm space
Place: Grecian banner
Show: flawless page

Race 11
Win: frosty lights
Place: superb owl
Show: powerful honor

Race 12
Win: lost flyer
Place: capable move
Show: true alibi

Race 13
Win: rebel spell
Place: loiret
Show: wishful jumper

Race 14
Win: house of fools
Place: ragged chain
Show: good summer

Race 15
Win: Townsend smoke
Place: Townsend bell
Show: pale ball

Race 16
Win: amazing hour
Place: spotless decision
Show: awesome turn

Race 17
Win: one golden day
Place: shallow edge
Show: portrait of a lady

Race 18
Win: usain princess
Place: Indy’s farewell
Show: away in Hollywood

Race 19
Win: loud moonbeam
Place: exoplanet
Show: skillful laugh

Race 20
Win: imperfect field
Place: eager belief
Show: learned daze

Race 21
Win: smoke on the wind
Place: bliksem
Show: mesa verde

Race 22
Win: champagne dolly
Place: magical toy
Show: faithful Templar

Race 23
Win: state of the union
Place: for you
Show: crystal black

Race 24
Win: wishful wisp
Place: Jenny comes first
Show: city of wonders

Race 25
Win: witty daze
Place: darkest night
Show: cloudy mint

Race 26
Win: early request
Place: lemon meringue
Show: passerine

Race 27
Win: regent
Place: savvy impulse
Show: slow judgement

Race 28
Win: lucid dream
Place: public enemy
Show: round lace

Race 29
Win: entryist
Place: fuzzy cherry
Show: first rain

Race 30
Win: roan bandit
Place: elated snow
Show: like water

Race 31
Win: important purpose
Place: newest dreams
Show: first pop

Race 32
Win: sponsor me
Place: lost magic
Show: dark passenger

Race 33
Win: chief rest
Place: silky tree
Show: ordinary edge

Race 34
Win: black pocket
Place: real talk
Show: excellent south

Race 35
Win: gesture
Place: it’s all good
Show: idle talk

Race 36
Win; tart theory
Place: American dynasty
Show: make me a king

Race 37
Win: neat act
Place: rough regret
Show: sparkling flavor

Race 38
Win: laticuada
Place: dazzled name
Show: big amount

Race 39
Win: Vienna waltz
Place: French romance
Show: say something

Race 40
Win; ordinary air
Place: loud interest
Show: brass snowbank

Race 41
Win; wild princess
Place: what’ s the buzz
Show: spectacular magick

Race 42
Win: Memphis
Place: hot blessing
Show: normal myth

Race 43
Win; Devil’s snare
Place: Townsend river
Show: vermillion

Race 44
Win: Storm’s ransom
Place: Janus
Show: jazzy wish

Race 45
Win; eber Finn
Place: foolish whirl
Show: in the end

Race 46
Win: magic streak
Place: March of glory
Show: outlaws for life

Race 47
Win: Santa Lucia
Place: Mona Lisa smile
Show: broad ticket

Race 48
Win: late snowbank
Place: familiar fox
Show: wise guide

Race 49
Win: Cadmus
Place: no time left
Show: tiltingatwindmills

Race 50
Win: deep dark ocean
Place: patronage
Show: best of the moment