Race 1
Win: Cyrus
Place: Rather Miffed
Show: Strixology

Race 2
Win: BlueChanceLast
Place: Mysterious Water $100
Show: Immaculate

Race 3
Win: Rava Veluro
Place: Important Number
Show: Mighty Touch

Race 4
Win: Yummy North
Place: Classic Melody $100
Show: Mighty Limit

Race 5
Win: Diamond Fiesta
Place: Eloquent Feather $100
Show: Musgrave Ritual

Race 6
Win: French Nights
Place: Dark Outside
Show: Night’s Embrace

Race 7
Win: Chase Your Dreams
Place: Lightning Bolt
Show: Supergirl

Race 8
Win: Mischief $250
Place: Rebel Ring
Show: Navy Challenge

Race 9
Win: Hey Red
Place: Rainy Swing
Show: Distinct Visitor
Quinella: $500

Race 10
Win: Miss Woodhouse
Place: By Firelight
Show: Designer Label

Race 11
Win: Queen’s Catch
Place: Splendid Fan
Show: Indy Guise

Race 12
Win: Abrupt Darkness
Place: Stay Out Of It
Show: Present Level

Race 13
Win: Fisherman’s Wife $250
Place: Bloody Baron
Show: Abagtha

Race 14
Win: Light Fantastic
Place: Karlie
Show: Banshee

Race 15
Win: Wrap It Up
Place: Caring Rainfall
Show: Remain Standing

Race 16
Win: Long Distance Love
Place: Forever Fuel
Show: Die A Fool

Race 17
Win: Film Score
Place: DontLeaveYourPost
Show: Troubled Earth $50

Race 18
Win: Key To The Castle
Place: Short Day
Show: Sky High $50

Race 19
Win: Outrageous Motion
Place: Glow Light
Show: Bramley

Race 20
Win: Spun Glass
Place: Glass City
Show: Face Yourself

Race 21
Win: Wiry Sand $250
Place: Circling The Sun
Show: Plawaning

Race 22
Win: Can’t Keep Me
Place: Wolfsbane
Show: Knight’s Templar

Race 23
Win: Footloose
Place: Elphaba $100
Show: Scion

Race 24
Win: Cheerful Form
Place: Dazzled Swirl
Show: Melodio

Race 25
Win: Harlequin
Place: Power The Passion
Show: True Love

Race 26
Win: Freefall
Place: Kindled
Show: Coinage

Race 27
Win: Druid’s Glen
Place: Mingus
Show: King Huzzah

Race 28
Win: Can’t Make Me
Place: Flaming Streak
Show: Dark Daughter

Race 29
Win: Strawberry Hill
Place: Volatile Spark
Show: Mahbub

Race 30
Win: Scottish Princess
Place: Defiant Air
Show: Probability $50

Race 31
Win: Jitters
Place: First Born Miracle
Show: Dear Interest

Race 32
Win: John Snow
Place: Take The Tempo $100
Show: Clear Clock

Race 33
Win: Lonesome Fizz
Place: Worldly Magic $100
Show: Cobblestone

Race 34
Win: Fortunate Star
Place: Proud Badger
Show: Sing Sing Sing

Race 35
Win: Unlikely Lady
Place: Nice Field
Show: Tame Heat

Race 36
Win: Molten Lead
Place: Evil Lady
Show: Steady Page

Race 37
Win: Army Wife
Place: High On Rainbows $100
Show: Dazzling Star

Race 38
Win: Irish Wildcat
Place: The One Ring
Show: Cherry Tart

Race 39
Win: Hampstead Heath
Place: Wild Advice
Show: Bollywood Bound

Race 40
Win: Fool’s Errand
Place: Golden Idol
Show: Can’t Hold Back

Race 41
Win: Spin Spin Spin
Place: Blue Glory
Show: Abba River

Race 42
Win: Elven Cat
Place: Dream Awake
Show: Devil’s Magic

Race 43
Win: Georgia Stagehand
Place: Etch A Sketch
Show: Burberry

Race 44
Win: Thunderbeast
Place: Roaring Water
Show: Smooch

Race 45
Win: Magic Streak
Place: Imperial Lady
Show: Old Maid

Race 46
Win: End of Watch
Place: Iron Door
Show: Doodles Red

Race 47
Win: Bit-Bucket
Place: Gotta Boo Boo
Show: Somber Game
Quinella: $500

Race 48
Win: Brigadier General
Place: Greased Lightning
Show: Alohomora

Race 49
Win: Basilisk
Place: Nikody
Show: Landeythan

Race 50
Win: Dear Myth
Place: Crowded House
Show: Curlin Lady

Total Days Handicapped: 4

Win: $250 x 23 = $5,750
Place: $100 x 21 = $2,100
Show: $50 x 15 = $750
Quinella: $500 x 7 = $3,500
Trifecta: $1000 x 1 = $1,000

Total Amount Earned: $13,100