Good race day - and as it’s the day before my birthday, I’ll consider my ponies’ good runs my present from FF :wink:

Starter horse [color=green]Grim Augury came home 1st out of 14 in a 9.5f NW1 allowance on dirt. It was his first dirt start, and it was nice to see that he definitely didn’t hate the surface. We’ll try him in with some stiffer competition for his next start, then probably bring him home to rest after that.

[color=red]Song Of Tears, an unraced three-year-old steeplechase mare I claimed two weeks ago, made her first start with us today and also came home first (out of six mares) in her 10.5f NW2 allowance. I still think I have a little bit of work cut out for me figuring out what she’s going to end up liking, though.

Finally, six year old [color=red]Still A Princess ran mid-pack to place 7th out of 13 in an 8.5f allowance for 4yo+. We may send her out for another start against mares, but she’s probably heading off to the breeding shed this year. :slight_smile:

Not a bad day for me

[color=blue]In Cold Blood went out in his first race of the year, and he managed to not completely bomb! :slight_smile:  He placed 4th in a decent field on only C energy (this boy is slooooooow to gain energy :confused: )  He did come out of the race with a cut so he will get a nice long rest to heal that small injury and hopefully regain his energy.

Fai D. Flowright went out in his second race of the year (and his second race ever!) and came home with a solid 3rd in a group of colts.  This horse actually holds a place in my heart, I bred him many many moons (and a different name/life) ago , so I’m quite happy to see him do well :slight_smile:

So-so day, I suppose. Only the girls brought home any money. Lazy boys.

Black Storm made a promise earlier this year that, unless something REALLY caught our eye, we would not pay more than 10k for a horse (so keep to the cheap claimers). We caved in when we say this lady, so not only are we thrilled to have won the claim, but she ends up being our only winner! [color=red]The Story Remains is a created mare, which first made us like her, with a pretty nice RR so far (worse than 4th only twice in 16 lifetime starts). She seems to like 7-9F so we’ll keep experimenting with her in that field.

[color=red]Illuminate Joy was a lovely surprise, finishing 2nd in her 2015 debut (and first start since August). We think she might be one of those who simply improves with age.

Now to our slackers, who we will be lazy about listing their exploits. [color=blue]Smooth Criminal and [color=blue]Abdiction ran 5th-6th in the same race of 13 runners. We’ll give them both another go before considering a snip snip and seeing if that might somehow help.

[color=green]Parallel Universe might simply be done. He ran 7th today and it is his 2nd start this year far from the board. We’ll ship him out of Australia to rest, try and again, and see if he just didn’t want to come home. But at age 6, he’ll most likely retire this year.

[color=blue]Space Rainbow ran 5th of 12, which is still pretty good, but we think 13F isn’t long enough for him. He did well going 15F, but he’s also done well around 9F, so we’ll shorten him up and see how he runs. Or seek out a LONG race – will depend on what comes up when he’s energized again.

We’re trying to be patient with [color=blue]Polaris, since a lot of Highland Pride foals seem to be late developers, and his pedigree hints at long distance dirt, but the guy continues to drive us bonkers. He ran 11th of 14 today in a NW1. Maybe he doesn’t like Aqueduct. We’ll move him and try, try again.

Another good day for Oakwood, even with only 4 horses out!

Unruly Laird ran a very nice 2nd/6 in a Dirt NW3. Very happy to see this result, he showed promise for a time as a 2yo then went severely off form. Hopefully this is the way things will continue for him.

Soft Whispers continues to tell me that she doesn’t want to make pretty babies quite yet, finished a solid 2nd/8 in a filly and mare allowance on the grass. We’ll keep going with her as long as she wants.

After throwing in quite a few clunkers we were pretty positive we were going to either retire or sell SoYaSo especially after a less than stellar debut this year. We tried her once again however and we put her back in conditions she likes the best and she changed our minds with a solid 3rd/14 in a filly and mare open allowance on the dirt. We’ll see if we can keep her happy.

A bit of rest seemed to agree very well with Lonesome Man who started off his year with a bang with a win in a steeplechase non-winner of three. We hope he’ll keep this up!

Sent 1 out.  Not so hot, although she earned an impressive speed factor, holy cow.

4YO [color=red]ALYGLAMOUR (x Alydar) ran 10th/14 in her very competitive NW2, where even the last place finisher earned a SF of 145.  I’m really hoping that all this non-moneyearning from my ponies is from them being out of shape.  Every horse I sell or lease lately has been going on to great success.  I’m just ready to have one of my own start showing off!

Nice day for me - I’m getting more excited about the year!

[color=blue]I’m No Fool won the Manikato Stakes giving him his sixth Grade One. He’s already back to A energy… So tempting to just enter away with him but trying to show restraint. :wink:

[color=red]Pathfinder came back to form with a second just behind her star stablemate in the Manikato Stakes.

[color=red]Gal From Seattle had a nice run to notch her first stakes win in the Grade Three Furious Stakes. She’s looking hot for a good year.

[color=red]Frivolous was an also ran in sixth in the same event.

[color=red]Unforgettable One was just off the board with a fourth in the Grade Three Roman Consul Stakes.

[color=blue]To Die For was fifth in the same race.

[color=green]Muana Loa was second in his allowance.

[color=red]Sheza Sheila won her allowance.

[color=red]Saw A Ghost was fifth in her allowance.

[color=blue]King Richard could only manage seventh in the same event.

I think that was all for the day!

Another good day for us

We had a promising come 3yo out, and per usual he bombed.  A 6th in an allowance.  This is pretty typical for us, though.  Better luck on Saturday, please!

Shanthi - that’s an incredible day! Your stats so far this year are amazing! :astonished:

I think it’s because my horses are all A/B for fitness (and A-C for energy) when they run. They run much better when they’re actually in good shape. :wink: Shocking, I know.