1/06 Some Races Missing FF horses

Not a big deal, but noticed races 36 and 45 for January 6th are empty. Both are restricted to 3yo fillies.

And I might just be misremembering here and it’s not a bug, but races 28, 34, 40, and 42 only have 3 horse fields (I thought the minimum was 5, with FF horses making up the difference - not counting special BC/BS races). If it’s actually 3, then disregard.

@Shanthi - same issue with tomorrows races. 2 claiming races have no runners (both 3yo Fillies). One of the claimers also has one non FF runner but the code hasn’t filled the additional places with FF owned entries.

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Thanks - I sorted out today’s races and also set up an alert which should tell me when the race filler doesn’t find enough horses. :crossed_fingers:


Seems like Final Furlong doesn’t want to race its 3yo’s, as today’s Ming Dynasty Cup, 3yo, has only two entries.

Races are stuck again. Races not filling the day before seems to be the sign of races getting stuck the next day.