wondering about horses records

i was just wondering if there is any idea yet on the results and horses records not matching , my BC runner should have a 2nd in a GR1 , not sure if that moves him up or not especially since the races are coming up soon. thanks Carole

The lack of an update on the bug means I haven’t had a chance to fix this.

It is a display problem only. On your horse’s page, where it says “Place: 10th”, that means your horse finished 10th, not 2nd. The display bug is causing the results to show him as if he were in 2nd place at the wire. (If you view Full Results for that race, it correctly shows him in 10th at the end.)

oh i see i thought it was the other way around , thanks for letting me know i was thinking all my horses that were doing well were actually wrong, thats a good thing to hear  :slight_smile: