Who's running in the 2011 Breeders' Cup

Breeders’ Cup Juvenile:
Da Vinci - Yes

Breeders’ Cup Turf Sprint:
Midnight Fire - Yes

Breeders’ Cup Dirt Mile:
Semi Nutz - No

Breeders’ Cup SC Classic:
Multimedia - Yes

Well I haven’t got any :frowning:

This might be to do with me been English lol and not understanding the Breeders Cup.

How do you go about getting one of your horses into a Breeders Cup race?

Well first your horse has to be nominated and if your horse is you just go to the Racing tab scroll down to Special races and then click on the BC Qualifiers tab and check through all of the different races to see if your horse is qualified.  If it is you decide whether or not to enter your horse in the race.

I’ve got a few that i hope to run,…

Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Fillies - 8 1/2 furlongs for 2yo F - Dirt
Morning Magic - No

Breeders’ Cup Turf Sprint - 5 furlongs for 3yo+ - Turf
What’s Your Point - Maybe

Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Turf - 8 furlongs for 2yo - Turf
Morning Magic - No
Omnipotent - Probably

Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Turf Fillies - 8 furlongs for 2yo F - Turf
Daisy Doo - Probably
Morning Magic - Yes

Breeders’ Cup SC Sprint - 7 furlongs for 3yo+ - SC
Mr. Prospective - No

Breeders’ Cup SC Classic - 11 furlongs for 3yo+ - SC
Mr. Prospective - Probably

You can also go to the BC Nomination page to see what unnominated horses you have and what, if any, BC races they qualify for but its extremely expensive to do a supplemental nomination after they are weanlings and I’d only do it if you have a horse who has been doing very well.  It seems like most large breeders nominate their entire foal crops, at least I always do(although this year a few I had nominated (including that 2yo colt you are leasing from me) lost their nomination when the database decided to eat nominations :frowning: ) but its only 5k/weanling so pretty affordable. I think FF automatically nominates all its “homebreds” too, but not entirely sure about that. Anyway, its a very rich set of races so I’d highly recommend nominating weanlings.

Some of mine that are going/not going(barring injuries)-I did it this way so owners can reference by race to see if there will be room for their horse if he/she is an alternate.

Highway will likely go
SPRINT: Rocket Fuel will go; Touch ‘N’ Go and Gazelle will NOT go
TURF SPRINT: Worth Her Oats will go
F&M SPRINT: Touch ‘N’ Go will go; Gazelle will NOT go
DIRT MILE: Rocket Fuel, Touch ‘N’ Go and Gazelle will NOT go
CLASSIC: Gazelle and Strider will NOT go
TURF: Strider will NOT go
DISTAFF: Gazelle will go; Touch ‘N’ Go will NOT go
JUV TURF: Starz Aflame will NOT go
JUV. FILLIES TURF: Starz Aflame will go
SC SPRINT: Skip It will go

Shanthi- I noticed that the SC Distaff and Distaff Endurance only have one privately owned horse qualified-is this right? Non of the qualified FF owned mares have won a stakes-so no nominated mares have won a 10f+ stakes races this year? Entirely possible but just sad if the case! My mare Skip It has won,placed and showed this year at 8f SC stakes but she only qualifies for the Sprint…just curious b/c she won the Distaff Endurance last year-was hoping to get her in there again, but if she doesn’t qualify she doesn’t qualify :slight_smile:.

Also, I noticed that the records seem to be a bit off-my gelding Rocket Fuel is listed as having 5 SW this year in the Sprint qualifier page when he’s actually only won 4 stakes this year. Also, my filly Highway on the Juv. Fillies page is listed as having 2 allowance wins this year when she’s only had 1. And finally, the last one I noticed was on the Juv. Fillies Turf page Starz Aflame is listed as having 2 allowance wins when she only has 1. This might mean they lose their qualifying spots but then maybe some more deserving fillies will be bumped up!

The only one we’ll have running this year will be Sleipnir in the Breeder’s Cup Classic powered by Dodge…just kidding…the powered by part.  ;D

BC Juvinile : Italian Devil Still undefeated
BC Distaff : Raindrops on Roses Perhaps her last Hurrah?
BC Classic: Gunningdownromance (Hopefully to be the comeback kid hehe)

Breeders’ Cup Juvenile - Dark Demand - YES
Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Fillies - Debatable Issue - will not be running

Thanks Jade

I understand a bit more now and have read up a bit more on the Breeders Cup.
I have nominated my only Weanling and will now have to concentrate my efforts on breeding!!

Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Fillies 8.5 furlongs Dirt - Secret Signal will go!
Breeders’ Cup Filly & Mare Turf 10 furlongs Turf  - Runfortheborder will go if still qualified!
Breeders’ Cup SC Distaff Grade 1 3yo+ F/M 10 furlongs  - Time Trick will go!


My bad… None are eligible without the Supplemental Nominations and they are steep so none will go!

Here are our entries as of 10/4.

Breeders’ Cup Juvenile
Northern Gold-YES

Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Fillies
Summer Romance-YES
Cheatin Seattle-NO

Breeders’ Cup Sprint
Devil His Due-NO

Breeders’ Cup Turf Sprint
Raw War-YES

Breeders Cup Filly & Mare Sprint
Set The Sails-NO

Breeders Cup Dirt Mile
Smokin’ -NO
Iron Man-YES
Devil His Due-NO

Breeders Cup Classic

Breeders Cup Turf
Raw War-NO

Breeders Cup Distaff
Trippi Flowers-YES

Breeders Cup Juvi Turf

Breeders Cup Juvi Turf Fillies
Cheatin’ Seattle-NO

Breeders Cup SC Sprint

Breeders Cup SC Classic
Just For Love-YES

Breeders Cup SC Endurance

As You Please will be running in the Juvenile.

I just now nominated him. It’s really not in my budget at all, but I think he has a chance… so I bit my lip (hard!) and clicked “nominate,” lol.

Sedaka Century will be running in the BC Turf Sprint. I can’t wait to see how she does! My first BC entry.

Here is the game plan for Clover Springs horses (hopefully) as of 10/10:

Breeders’ Cup Juvenile
Clockwork Orange - YES

Breeders’ Cup Sprint
Athens - YES
Clear Effect - NO

Breeders’ Cup Turf Sprint
Chivalry - YES

Breeders’ Cup Mile
Diamondontheinside - YES
All Jazzed Up - NO
Highland Outlaw - YES

Breeders’ Cup Dirt Mile
Image of Glory - YES
Athens - NO

Breeders’ Cup Classic
Bellagio - YES
Heartstring - NO
Athens - NO

Breeders’ Cup Turf
Banner Raised - YES
All Jazzed Up - YES
Highland Outlaw - NO
Fingerprints - NO

Breeders’ Cup Filly & Mare Turf
El Nino - YES
Fingerprints - YES

Breeders’ Cup Distaff
Heartstring - YES

Breeders’ Cup SC Classic
Always A Princess - YES


The list has been updated, so you may have horses who are now qualified who weren’t, or qualified horses may have moved down the list.

Breeder’s Cup Steeplechase Sprint

Highland Storm- will NOT be running but if someone else wants to run him please let me know and I’ll check with his owner, FoxHill Farm RacingStable

Update: FoxHill leased him last year and he got a beautiful 2nd in the BC SC Sprint for the stable that leased him! :slight_smile:

Storm Warning…for the 12f…hope he does well!!

Houdini: No

Juvenile Fillies
Sealed With A Kiss: No
Quite A Lady: No
Hint of Magic: No

Dancethedayaway: No
Wouldn’tyouknowit: No
Can’t Catch Me: No
Make A Difference: No

Turf Sprint
Majestic: No
Make A Bid: No

F/M Sprint
Priceless: YES
Wouldn’tyouknowit: YES (Alternate)
Make A Difference: No
Can’t Catch Me: No

Heartoftheocean: No
Make A Bid: YES
Sovereign: YES (Alternate)
Guess What: No

Dirt Mile
Guess What: No
Make A Difference: No
Dancethedayaway: YES
Majestic: YES
Can’t Catch Me: No

Can’t Catch Me: YES
Dancethedayaway: No
Majestic: No

Endless Flight: No
Heartoftheocean: No
Crowned: No

F/M Turf
Endless Flight: YES
Heartoftheocean: YES
Crowned: YES

Guess What: YES
Make A Difference: YES
Can’t Catch Me: No
Priceless: No
Wouldn’tyouknowit: No

Juvenile Turf
Eyes Wide Shut: YES (Alternate)
Houdini: YES (Alternate)
Sealed With a Kiss: No

Juvenile Turf Fillies
Early Valentine: YES
Sealed With A Kiss: YES
Hint of Magic: YES
Magical: YES

SC Classic
Do You Dare: YES