OK, so here’s my thought process as far as training/workouts.  Let me know what you guys think!

Speed & Min/Max Distance Options - Can select up to 3 for one session
Walk: 1/2 mile - 2 miles
Jog: 1/2 mile - 5 miles
Canter: 1/2 mile - 5 miles
Gallop: 1/2 mile - 3 miles
Breeze: 1-6 furlongs

Effort Level:
20% - to use when recovering from injury, etc
50% - holding the horse back significantly from its normal pace
- can backfire with unratable horses, as they may bolt/dump the jockey/etc
70% - holding the horse back slightly from its normal pace
- can backfire with unratable horses, as they may bolt/dump the jockey/etc
100% - letting the horse run at its normal pace
110% - urging the horse beyond its normal pace (breezing, etc.)

Working at higher effort levels increases the risk of injury
Working longer distances at lower effort levels can increase a horse's fitness
Working shorter distances at higher effort levels can increase a horse's speed

Training Frequency:
Horses can be trained 0-4 times per 7 day period.
Training depletes energy but can increase fitness (depending on training options used)

Gate training
Gate tests

You will be able to put various types of equipment on your horse for training (the same equipment available for racing).  This may or may not help your horse during the workout (i.e. blinkers will only help if there is something around that the horse is not being distracted by while wearing blinkers, but wraps will help even if the horse is standing still on the track with no one around-assuming, of course, that the horse needs blinkers and/or wraps).

Track condition will not be customizable by you.  (I have not yet decided whether I will attempt to have the track condition reflect the current weather, or whether it will just be randomly determined.)

Any results from workouts done at a gallop or breeze will be available for all members to view.  Horses that train on the same day/track will be ranked in order of time (per furlong).

Even breezing, horses may or may not achieve the same speed that would occur in a race.

Horses must train only on the tracks they currently race on (i.e. dirt/turf or SC).  Flat racers may not train at jumping until they have raced in a steeplechase race.

2-year olds (and/or any unraced horse) will need to pass a gate test before they will be allowed to race.  Gate training will greatly improve your horse’s chance to pass a gate test.  Gate tests may not be done more often than 2x/month.

2-year olds will not be allowed to train for distances longer than 1.5 miles (total for the workout).  2-year old gallops will be limited to 8 furlongs.

Horses will like/dislike their workout.  This, in turn, will affect their mood/confidence.  When they race, the average of all of the workout results since the last race will be used to determine the horse?s mood going into the race (i.e. better workouts will mean a happier horse, who may be more successful than normal, and vice-verse).

If you are unwilling/unable to login frequently to train your horses, you will be able to put them on “auto-pilot”.  Your horses will train 2 times per week at a level you choose in advance.  This training will be much more limited/less customized than doing training yourself, as the program will not know/care that the horse hated 8f last time out and should try 6f this time.  (If you go in and change that by hand, however, the program will train the horse at 6f until further notice.)  I have not yet decided what options the “auto-pilot” program will have, but you will most likely be able to select a total distance for any workouts done, and an energy level.  You may or may not be able to select standard equipment to use?I may set it up so that it puts random equipment on the horse.

You will be able to select from the available jockeys to exercise your horse.  I have not yet figured out what else will happen with jockeys, but I am considering having each jockey/horse combo have 2 factors: happiness & experience.  Happiness indicates how well the horse/jockey get along together, and experience indicates how well they know each other.  A horse paired with a jockey it likes and knows well will likely perform better, both in training and in races (and vice-verse).

You will get some sort of feedback after a workout.  The jockey will likely report to you, and I may also incorporate an “assistant trainer” type of feature.  The jockey’s report would include stuff like “the horse was really happy” or “he gave up at the last furlong” or “I lost control and he bolted”, etc.  The “assistant trainer” (if applicable) would be more like “I suggest we add some distance” or “This horse needs more speed workouts”, etc.  Again, like everything else in the game, there will be built-in error for these statements.  (And, depending on the jockey, s/he may lie to cover their mistake(s)!).

Recommended training:
It is recommended to vary your horse’s training (either by hand or by frequently changing the auto-pilot settings).  Not only will this keep your horse happy/interested, but it is more likely to improve their overall condition and ability.  (Consider a weight-training program - doing the same exercise over and over gets very boring, and your body gets used to it and no longer responds very well.)
It is recommended that for every 7 day period, your horse gets 3-4 days off/non-speed workouts (i.e. 1mi jog), 1-2 speed workouts/breezes, and 1-2 non-speed distance workouts (i.e. 3mi canter).  Speed workouts will “stack”, and as they are the highest risk category of workout as far as accidents/injuries, your risk will go up exponentially (i.e. breezing on day 1 probably means, say, a 10% chance of injury, but if you breeze on day 2 as well, the risk of injury would be 30%). 

That’s all I can think of at the moment, let me know what questions you have.  This is obviously only in the planning stage at the moment, though I’m hoping to have this setup by fall/winter.

I think it will be a great


Wow, sounds very scary and

indepth… :blink:

I’m all for training, but how user friendly will ALL of this be for

the larger stables with 30+ racehorses? It sounds like it would take a fairly chuncky amount

of time to do each horse and review results. This is considering the fact we’d want to be

training ourselves if auto-training is far less avantageous.

Looks good though Shanthi! :smiley:

Another idea:
Long, slow

workouts may increase not only your horse?s fitness, but their fitness regain rate as well.

(So they will stay fit longer after a race/workout despite rest.)

Short, fast workouts may

increase not only your horse?s speed, but their metabolism/energy regain rate as well. (So

they will stay at higher energy after a race/workout despite rest.)

i love it.

for the

weather, though, it would depend on at which track the horse is stabled, right? for

instance, if the horse is stabled at Saratoga, it would have the weather for that area,

right? it makes sense to me; i was just wondering.

I like Shanthi’s newest

suggestion. It seems like that would make it so you could afford to work your horses less

often once they got sort of established, and also make it so people who use auto-train will

get more out of that.

So, when we look at our training summary page, will the horses’

energy/fitness levels be shown in percentage points instead of letters? Is there going to be

a way we can keep track of those stats, besides just noting the horses’ performances over


And yeah, it would be really cool if all the tracks would reflect the weather of

their RL counterparts. More realism, yay. :slight_smile:

I?m hoping to make this pretty user-friendly. I will likely set things up so that you store a default training schedule for each horse. Assuming you login at least once a week (possibly twice a week, as that’s the frequency of races), you will have the option to execute the schedule for that (portion of the) week.

So, say you have a horse, Joe. You decide his schedule will be:
Monday: walk 1mi
Tuesday: trot 1mi, breeze 3f
Wednesday: gallop 2mi
Thursday: rest
Friday: trot 1/2 mi
Saturday: rest
Sunday: rest

Assuming you log in at least every 3 days, you will be able to click a button that says something like “Do training for Monday through Wednesday”. (For simplicity’s sake, I will probably set it up so that you must log in on certain days, so that training reports/workouts can appear at a consistent time…this would likely be the 2 racedays - Wednesday and Saturday.) I will probably also setup a button that says “Do default training for all horses for Monday through Wednesday”, so that you don?t have to click through each horse. However, that depends on whether PHP can handle processing that much data without timing out. If it can?t, you may have to train 5 or 10 horses at a time, rather than all 50 racehorses.

Using auto-pilot shouldn’t be too detrimental to your horse. I may set it up so that it trains 3x/week rather than 2 (or have this be an option that you can select). It will likely default to 1 breeze and 2 slower workouts, and the rest of the week would be rest for your horse. Since you can review a week’s workouts and then change the auto-pilot options, it will be pretty flexible for your horses. However, it won’t be quite as flexible as, say, seeing that horse A and jockey B have a horrible workout and selecting a new jockey for the next workout, since with auto-pilot your horse would train with that jockey all week.

Hmmm… If there is weather

specialising, I won’t be training in Melbourne, unless I want my horses to specialise on

wetter tracks… :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, looking forward to it! Just a bit daunted at the moment!


Sounds great though Shanthi, I can see how it might be nice and user friendly now… :smiley:

As I said above, I’m not sure yet whether the weather will be “real”

or not. If it is, then the weather will reflect what the weather is at the track you’re

using for workouts. If it’s not, then the entire FF planet will have rain on its training

track on the same day, for example. (Basically the weather would be randomly determined and

would apply to all tracks/workout locations.)

Possibly. We chose letters because they’re more vague than percentage numbers, which more

accurately reflects real life. You can easily tell if a horse is tired, but it’s harder to

say whether he’s a bit off for the day or whether he’s truly exhausted. (Likewise with a

horse that is fit/energetic…aside from more antics/bad behavior, which may not apply for an

easy-going horse, what’s to show that a horse is at 90% vs. 110%?)

I would like to do track specializing somehow, to reflect that Dubai,

for instance, is different than any other track, and that Europe is colder/wetter than other

tracks, etc.

I haven’t figured out an easy way to do this, or store this yet, though, so

for now it’s on the back burner.

Wow, thats very cool, lots

of neat features in it. I didn’t know you were going to make it so detailed. Should be fun

tho! I’m glad there will be an auto pilot tho for those times (for me right now during

summer vacation) when there isn’t very much time to do the on hands stuff.

Sounds awesome!!!

Wow, yes I am speechless!

My first feeling is overwhelmedness (if thats a word…lol :stuck_out_tongue: ) But I’m sure like

everything it will get easier over time. The realism factor is off the charts! :slight_smile:

Question… will we be able

to see the track condition before sending the horses out? So like if we were planning a 6f

breeze but the track is slop we can skip it or change it to like a two mile jog instead?

Obviously this would be no for the auto-pilot, just wondering if we’d be able to see it if

it was done randomly.

Sounds awesome though :slight_smile: I don’t have to code it, do I? :wink:


Possibly. I may just post a forecast for

the week so that you know in advance if there’s an 80% chance of rain on a given


No, but

you do have to help me brainstorm how to do this and keep me motivated. :stuck_out_tongue:

this is an awesome idea! i

can’t wait until it starts! thanks you so much!

Wow shanthi! we’d have our

two year olds figured out before they race(very helpful.) Also, could we train on the

training tracks that we have on our farms? Thanks a million!

Training tracks will almost

certainly be limited to racing ones. We have to enter in the dimensions/etc for each track

we use so “homemade” ones are low on the priority list I imagine.