Taxes: A little late and a dollar short...

…to be in time for “real”

tax day. :wink: However, I have come up with the proposed tax system for 2008 and onward. Feel

free to view it <a href=‘


This is tentative at the moment, but it seems fairly

reasonable to me so I think we’ll probably stick with it. If anyone has any

questions/comments/etc, feel free to post.

(Note: As it says there, taxes will be

automatically computed…I’ll be working on this over the summer).

Looks good to me. Between

taxes and the select auction, everyone’s insane budgets should be getting more reasonable.

And I think it looks really fair to new stables, it shouldn’t break anyone’s bank.

Looks pretty much like real

taxes: painful :slight_smile: . But I’m willing to bite the bullet for the sake of making the game more

realistic. Looks good.

Dear heavens… should I

start applying for financial aid now? I think after taxes I’ll be back down to 5k again.

Darn me and my need for 923893219238719430924823 race horses.

You get the newbie discount,

though, Cat, which should help for this year, at least. :wink:

(In case anyone is curious,

for 2008 taxes, the “newbie discount” will apply to anyone who joined in 2006 or later, since

we didn’t have taxes during '06 or '07).

Oh oh…

Oh dang… :blink: There

goes all my money!

mm hm…yeah I’m willing to

sacrifice some of my bit for the better of the game. :slight_smile:

Ouchies… Looks like I’ll

probably be paying quite a pretty penny on taxes this year then… darn you winning horses!

Darn you! lol I’m just kidding, but it does make the game a whole lot more real. :stuck_out_tongue: Even if

it does hurt the wallet.


:wacko: ack… taxes, ick.

very nicely done and realistic… maybe a bit too realistic… hehe

omg, am I still

considered a newbie then? :huh: I kno I came in sometime in 2006-ish… heh, that would be

awesome! the newbie thingy is great! :slight_smile: …tho, Im not sure if Im a newbie now…

So when do taxes get taken

out? At the end of each year or by the financial year? And even then, what is the financial

year over there? July to June? :? Confused little puppy over here… :stuck_out_tongue:

As it says in the FAQ,

they’ll be charged on Dec. 31st.

Oh pokai. I kinda read over

that and went straight to those tables… :smiley:

Are we going to have to

figure out the tax or is it going to be something that we will be able to do on our stable

page? Thanks, Brianna

Read above.

i still get the newbie

dicount… yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss what a relief

What if you buy a racehorse

and although you recieved little to none of that horses earnings that year(the old owner got

them) who gets taxed? The old owner or the new one? The same with broodmares bred to outside

studs that are later sold to a new owner in foal…who gets taxed? And what if a broodmare is

bred to a “home” stallion(so no tax) and then sold, does the new owner have to pay a stud fee

tax even though that mare was bred by the old owner for free?

Those are really good

questions jade. What about leased horses also? thanks, Brianna

I have no idea…as I said,

this is tentative for now. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll think about stuff like that later.

My gut feeling is

that whatever horses you own come end-of-races day are the ones you pay for, regardless of

when you bought them or who owned them when, etc. Yes, this means that people who buy a

bunch of horses late in the year get kind of screwed over, but it’s their choice to buy

horses. :wink: (And most of us can easily afford it anyway).

Anyway, I’ll think about it

more later.

For foals still in utero I

think it makes since to charge farm that bought them, since you pay taxes on a “valued” basis

(think property taxes on your house, etc). Dunno how I feel abt taxing on earnings bought by

horse, would be nice to do it on earnings post-buying and then the same percentage on

purchase price maybe? That’d just be a lot harder to figure out. And then previous owner

would get charged for earnings under them?

That’d be on a slightly different tax system

though, since there you’re taxing income and worth seperately. Not that that’s necessarily

bad, but can’t imagine trying to “value” all the horses. Hmm, well, that’s why Shanthi’s

actually in charge of decisions :wink: