Stallion Breed Rankings Not Updating

I don’t think the breed rankings are updating for stallions. My current stud Last For More displays a bronze ranking of 1.6 but I did the math and if I did it correctly, he should be at 2.71. Not a huge deal but I noticed he had quite a bit of progeny success lately and the stat wasn’t updating to reflect the success.

I don’t think breed rankings are updating for mares either (?). Just checked it for a few of mine, and maybe my math is wrong, but it looks as though:
Love Smitten - now has a winner and a mult. winner, (1+3)/2, should be Bronze
A Smart Turn - has a MSP 2yo and an unplaced 3yo, (11+0)/2=5.5, should be Silver
I think it’s not updating for any of my mares, now that I’m looking through a few of them, these were just the two that I noticed it for.

They’re definitely broken. Poor Straticus has been Bronze 0.2 all year despite a MSW and 5 SW’s total, including a 2yo which is worth more points.