Signature Picture?

Anyone want

a signature picture? I made the one in my signature. They’re usually better, but I was too

lazy and just shrunk down a layout I made and change the color and such.

If you want

one, post here I guess or catch me on AIM (Letterb0mb217), MSN (

or Yahoo (ivebeentakenbymikeshinoda)

Just let me know what you want and stuff


Actually, I’d request that

people NOT go crazy with pictures in their signature. It makes threads really long, and (for

me, at lesat) hard on the eyes.

I won’t make big ones

though, I promise. I won’t use scary colors either… hmm well, it was always worth the


But come on, Shanthi! Insane colors with a hot pink board… how much

cooler (and eyesight killing) could FF get? :smiley:

Well, this bright red one

that you’ve got is 1) pretty big 2) pretty bright.

I’ve darkened it, but its no

bigger than some of the text signatures people have.

But okay, nevermind. Sorry

for offering.

True, but images jump out at

you a lot more than text.

I don’t mind your signature, I’d just prefer that people

don’t jump on the bandwagon and have everyone on the forum have a signature picture that


Yeah… I’m w/ Shanthi on

this one. Please, if you are going to die if you can’t have an avatar and a sig image, keep

them small. Remember Shanthi and I already went through fussing abt sig lengths and avatar

sizes once each :wink:

And no offense Bam, but when I first saw yours I really thought it

was some scary Hot Topic type blood dripping type thing :wink:

Hey guys, is my signature pic

alright? If its to big/distracting/whatever lmk and i’ll take it off :slight_smile:

No, actually, yours was the

one that I was mentally picturing to compare against Bam’s regarding size & brightness.

:wink: It’s bigger, but, as Andrea said, it’s much less scary/blood-looking, and much more

racing-looking. And the text is a lot more legible, which fits the point of an image in the

signature a lot better. :wink:

Though I’ve been curious for a while…what are the 3

white lines supposed to be? Some really strange non-rail like version of the track rail, or

pseudo-jockey silks lying on the ground, or…?

Yeah I like your one for

Gloucester. I’m sorry, but that evil red thing looks hidious… :?

Fine, whatever. It’s gone.

Sorry my personality bothers you all.

hehe ok shanti I’ll solve

your curiousity. Heres the original picture I used (and changed) to get my

signature … cing11.jpg

As you can see the horses were going around one of the turns so thats just how the rail

stuck out

Bam, it’s not your

personality, it’s your choice of blood-red-ness. :wink:

I’m just curious…umm mines

not, how to put it…obnoxious is it? or to crazy? it’s the same size as Gloucester Downs i

think. I can always change it if theres anything wrong with it no prob…i’d just like to

know…and i didn’t want to get yelled at for makeing a new topic for something already


Hehe, yay! Harijuku girls!



Go and buy Gwen Stefani’s

new album [well, not so new no more] and you’ll understand. It is a really awesome album if

you like random pop that is warped by RnB and just other random styles. :slight_smile:

Ohh. I have no clue who Gwen

Stefani is, though. Oh, well, I’ll find out later, right now I’m bidding in the auction

and reading Book 6 of Harry Potter at the same time. :lol:

YAY, Harry Potter! :slight_smile:

I know this thread hasn’t had a reply in awhile, but I was looking through all the different posts (I have nothing better to do, poor me!), and i figured it would be better to just ad to this post than start a whole new one. Aren’t I sweet?

Anyways, back to the point. What’s the easiest/best way to make a Avatar or Signature picture that’s not annoying to everything in size and so forth? I’ve attempted to put a picture into my avatar that’s unique, but for some strange reason (reason being me and i’m just too dense to figure it out) i can’t seem to get a picture uploaded. What’s my problem? … besides the obvious, that is! :shock: Any thoughts?