Selecting races

I was wondering, how can you select a race for your horse where you can predict that it will have a high chance of coming first, second or third. Is there points which you can compare your horse with others. Any information would be great. :slight_smile:

You can compare your horse to the currently entered horses through their pages directly (click on the link, then browse the horse’s performance in similar type races).  Once races are closed (or maybe even before that?) there should be a link to a Daily Racing Form type summary of the horse which lists recent races and performances.

Typically I just pick a race for my horse based on it’s preferences and don’t worry too much about the competition.  Finding a race within reasonable shipping distance of where my horse currently is, at the distance my horse likes, on the surface he prefers, that he’s qualified for (ie a NW3 if the horse has 2 wins), and that isn’t drastically above his level (ie a Maiden probably shouldn’t be in Stakes unless he’s suffering from second-itis) usually limits you to one or two races a week as an option, so the competition isn’t something I worry about too much.

Obviously you can select races differently, but you may be forced to only run your horse every six to eight weeks if you do that.  Since races only open a week before they run, you can’t plan shipping around competition very easily.

The racing form is available anytime.  Obviously odds/jockeys aren’t decided until after entries close, though.

Cool that’s really helpful. Thanks :slight_smile: