lol, well i’ve been training my racing string for awhile now and i have to say this is the most  INTRESTING comments the jocks have ever made…

“Moonlight Magic tore off my pants, kicked me, dumped his waterbucket over my head and then took off down the road. Y?know, I think we should cut down on the sweet feed. He’s obviously got too much energy. Oh, and you owe me a pair of jeans.”

lol, 2 of my racers did that today…

I’ve had a few of those lately :stuck_out_tongue:

Just FYI, that’s the “worst” comment as far as natural energy goes, so you’ll probably want to ship those horses home to the farm for a break.

And you can thank Cat for that jockey comment.  :slight_smile:

Well now, that must have been a sight to see!!    I think you should sell Moonlight Magic to the movie industry and see how he does as a stunt horse :wink: