RIP You Belong

Gold-ranked mare You Belong was retired from breeding duties after a challenging foaling this year. This morning we discovered the beautiful mare deceased in the field, under her favourite tree. Her 2016 filly, Consider Yourself, was weaned earlier this summer, so “Bebe” had a few weeks of quiet relaxation before she passed.

Stillwater Farms is fortunate to own another daughter from this mare, Airgead Dra

Our condolences. She was a lovely mare.

Thanks. May have to steal a baby from Laird’s Own when she finishes racing. :wink:

Sorry to hear that, hope her filly foal upholds the family name.

Sorry to hear that. Glad you have a couple of her fillies.

I’m sorry for your loss, there are too many great horses dying right now. She was a wonderful mare.

Sorry about your mare, this is a sad summer for a few owners.