Racing Question

I have a quick question. When I try to enter my gelding into a race that isn’t a stakes, it says “Horse is not eligible for this race because he has won 3 allowance/stakes races!” Does this mean I can only enter my horse into stake races if I want him to run? I still haven’t gotten his running style down, and I don’t want to spend the money on the bigger entry fees until I do. Any thoughts?

Is that for any non-stakes race? He should be eligible for Allowances and Claiming races, but if he’s won 3 allowances/stakes races, he’s not eligible for Maidens, NW1/NW2/NW3 Allowance races.

You can still enter him in open Allowance races…you just can’t enter him in NWx Allowances anymore, since those are for horses who haven’t won x amount of allowance races. If he’s run in a claiming race this year, you can also enter him in Starter Allowances.

I would not suggest entering a claiming race unless your willing to lose the horse. There are some open allowences but not a lot an ungraded stakes race would run close to an open allowance as far as entry fees go. Try searching the race schedule.

thanks guys :slight_smile: