Race Questions

I don’t want to sound like

I’m whinning and complaining, but is there any way to get shorter distance (7 Furlongs and

under) allowance races on dirt for mares 4+??? On My Honor has not been able to run in the

last month or so because all the shorter distance dirt races are for maidens, NW1 to NW3 and

starter allowances. She’s a stakes placed mare just looking to run. LOLOL.

Same thing

with Whatlegendsrmadeof. She’s about a 9 furlong runner. However, she’s stakes placed too

and I’m not ready to start running her in stake races since her fitness is just not what is

should be.

I’m just wondering. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Best Regards,

Sure, if you have specific

suggestions for races to be swapped. The entire schedule is up, except for December, so feel

free to suggest changes to specific races.