Race Conditions

In regard to race conditions, seems that the restrictions don’t always matter. I’ve seen Stakes winners in NW2 Allowances and mutiple Allowance winners in restricted Allowances.
I place horses in certain races for specific reasons, one of them being that they won’t have to face multiple winners or Stakes winners. Whats the point of conditions if it doesn’t restrict which runners may enter? I may have mentioned this before but seems it hasn’t been looked at. Perhaps it’s just not that high on the list of priorities for the site, but I feel it is something that should be looked over.

Other than occasional snaffoo’s most people are restricted by the racing conditions.

However, when Shanthi and I fill races with FF horses we have a program that randomly picks horses for each race. It should check qualifications (as in NW2, etc), but that code doesn’t get as stringently tested. If you would care to next time you see an incorrect entry (or even if you have examples from this past time) we’ll look into the code and see if we can spot the problem. But we’re not going to go through by hand and check that instead of coding new stuff at the moment. Also, if a horse has won 20 claiming races, it’s still eligible for NW2. Only Allowance and Stakes wins count for NW2, etc. Keep that in mind.

I fully understand the restrictions, and that horses can be multiple claimer winners and still enter a NW2. However, this was not the situation. As I previously stated, these were multiple Allowance winners.
One example, not an issue with multiple Allowance winners, was on 8/3 Race #8, a Starter Allowance. Deo Volente, a Stakes winner, and not entered in for a claimer in the past year, was in this race. I also read a post about a horse named Smokin’ that is a multiple Stakes/Allowance winner and was allowed to be entered into a NW2.
I appreciate your response. If I find any other examples I’ll let you know.

Andrea, 8-17 Race #1 a maiden. There is a winner entered. I’ve seen this type of thing before. I figured that there’s a hole it happens, but you asked for an example.

Thanks. The horse has been scratched and the entry fee not refunded. If you bring this to our attention we’ll take care of it, but we can’t do anything once the races are run.

Does it appear to be an issue primarily with 2yo races? (at least for maidens?)

Note: If you enter a horse in a race it is not eligible for, even on accident, and the code lets you, you will not be refunded your entry fee. You should be keeping an eye on these things yourself. (Not aimed at anyone, just doing aiming to prevent whining :wink: :slight_smile:)

No not just maidens but it’s a sporadic thing so it would be hard to put your finger on. It’s just easier to see in maidens. I’ve also noticed it in NW… allowances. It just wasn’t a big issue for me.When you asked sange for an example that maiden just poped out. It wasn’t my intent to have the horse scratched or the person peanalized. I don’t think it was an intentional act.

On 8/17, Race #7, Here’s To Charlie has won 2 Allowances and is entered in a NW2.

Hey sorry bout that ill leave him in so u can scratch him with no entry fee returned. it wasnt intentional, just misread the race. sorry guys

You can scratch him and get your fee back…just because you didn’t realize he was overqualified doesn’t mean you don’t get a chance to correct your mistake. :wink:

(Plus, if the code weren’t misbehaving it wouldn’t have let you enter him anyway, so it’s partly our fault.)

oh thanks but i cant scratch him now as this comes up

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8/20, Race # 13, Wherethere’ssmoke has won 3 Allowances and is entered in a NW2.

Actually he’s won 3 allowances and one Stakes :-p

But at any rate, we get the idea and we’ll look into it. Thank you for giving us examples of which races aren’t working, we dont’ need to know every single time it allows an incorrect horse.

Oh ok, sorry. Figured you guys wanted a few more examples. I’ll give it a rest. :smiley:

This should be fixed now, I hope. :slight_smile: (It was only happening with horses with an apostrophe in their name, so when you’re entering horses, please let me know if this happens again.)

Wow, you guys are really on a tear, lots of changes going on. :slight_smile: Thanks for your help. I understand you are very busy. Sorry if I may have been impatient, as that is one thing I am still working on regarding this game.

Wow, you guys are really on a tear, lots of changes going on. :slight_smile: Thanks for your help. I understand you are very busy. Sorry if I may have been impatient, as that is one thing I am still working on regarding this game.

Just wanted to let Shanthi or Andrea know that Worth The Work got entered into Race #20 on 8/31. It is a starter allowance and noticed that he has never been in a claimer. Just wanted to give ya a heads up since he blows the rest of the field away with his record…:slight_smile:

We’ve already mentioned several times that the code that automatically enters FF horses is a bit confused re: claiming races, stakes wins, etc.

At the moment, I have no time to fix this, assuming you want racing code to be done (not to mention race animations). If Andrea wants to take a crack at fixing this, she’s more than welcome.

Otherwise, consider FF horses to have free rein to enter any race they like…this is, of course, balanced out by the fact that the only considerations that the script takes into account when automatically entering horses are 1) days since last race 2) age 3) gender 4) race record (when it works). Given that members do, presumably, take many more factors into account when picking a horse to enter, their horses should have an advantage over FF-owned horses.

Last but not least…if you don’t like the horses FF enters, then fill up the races yourselves so that FF doesn’t have to. :stuck_out_tongue:

May or may not be fixed… but considering that he’s a maiden at 8-10f, I’m not going to pull him out of the race. We’ll see if it’s fixed or not next time.

Oh i’m not at all real picky about horses entering in specific races. He just caught my eye because i sort of knew of him and decided to take a look. Thank you for taking a look anyway, though. :slight_smile: You guys are the best.