Race Bonuses

For 2010, I’d like to add

in bonus/incentive money.

For example, in real life, the winner of the Triple Crown gets


Also, we have all of the races for the <a

href=‘http://www.racingseries.com’ target=’_blank’>World Racing Series as wel, which

awards money to the highest-point earning horse from 12 races, 11 of which are in FF:

16, 2009: Cox Plate - 10f Turf
April 23, 2009: Audemars Piguet Queen Elizabeth II Cup - 10f

May 28, 2009: Bailey’s Irish Champion Stakes - 10f Turf
June 15, 2009: King George VI

and Queen Elizabeth Stakes - 12f Turf
August 20, 2009: Arlington Million - 10f Turf

1, 2009: Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe - 12f Dirt
October 19, 2009: Canadian International -

12f Turf
October 29, 2009: Breeders’ Cup Classic - 10f Dirt
October 29, 2009: Breeders’

Cup Turf - 12f Turf
November 26, 2009: Japan Cup - 12f Turf
December 14, 2009: Hong Kong

Cup - 10f Turf

(I would probably vote that, for FF, the Dubai World Cup be added to the

list as well, since it’s a major world race.

Also, I’m not sure how much money is

awarded - does anyone know?)

In addition, there’re a bunch of $1 million-ish bonuses

if you win race X and then win the Kentucky Derby, but I’m not sure if I want to include all

of those.

Anyway…opinions? Suggestions? Details I’ve forgotten? :wink:

Keep in mind

that it will be pretty tough in 2010 because shipping will be a factor, and that will affect

your horses’ energy/fitness/etc.

Hey Shanthi,

For some

reason I can’t access the Emirates Racing site, but, Hong Kong Jockey Club came to the

rescue. The current races are:
[*]Audemars Piguet QE II Cup -

Hong Kong[]Singapore International Cup - Singapore[]King

George VI and Queen Elizabeth Diamond Stakes - England[*]Arlington Million -

USA[]Grosser Preis von Baden - Germany[]Irish Champion

Stakes - Ireland[]Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe - France[]The

Cox Plate - Australia[*]Canadian International -

Canada[]Breeders’ Cup Classic - USA[]Breeders’ Cup Turf -

USA[]Japan Cup - Japan[]Hong Kong Cup - Hong

*This is

2004’s races, scrap it if they have changed it yet again…

I think I remember

them dropping the World Cup from the real life series basically because it is gernerally run

with a GII field supported with one or two GI winners. The Dubai World Cup meet also fits in

herrendously with schedules of other major racing countries, hence why it isn’t readily

recognised as the World Cup the boys at Emirates wanted it to be… They might have re-listed

it for 2005 though. Anyway, in the game, we seem to have had the best runners around


Prize wise, I think pretty much the top horse, jockey, trainer and owner get a

host of bragging rights a pretty impressive looking trophey. Couldn’t find a monetary


Is the Triple Tiara winner still given $2,000,000 if she wins all three races? I

did read that it had been wiped, but I wasn’t sure. If still in place, we could have that

maybe? :slight_smile:

Thanks, Jason, re-posting

the list of races I already posted was so helpful. :stuck_out_tongue:

I notice that its very turf

biased :frowning: but not much you can do about that without making the list monsterous I guess.

Well, yeah. And even so, I

made the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe dirt instead of turf, like it is in real life.

We can

also nominate to add more races to it. As long as the list doesn’t go about 20 races, I

don’t mind adding dirt races. Then the question becomes which races to add…:wink:

Yeah, whoops… I just

posted the list as we were missing some. My bad, I didn’t essentially ‘think’ about it

that much… :slight_smile: I’ve been sleep deprived lately. Stupid assignments… :angry:

What are

some more big dirt races over there? What about races like the Metrop? Brooklyn? Suburban? I

think those are the three which make up the older male Triple actually… Maybe we could

switch another Aussie race too? So say The BMW - run on Golden Slipper Day - that’s a

$2.5 mil race over 12F which could be a nice addition.