I was just wondering why I can’t enter a race for the 7th? It has the “view enteries” button, but no “enter race”. Could it be because the race for Wednesday hasn’t run yet? Has anyone else had this problem?

It probably is because races haven’t run. I see the enter buttons as FF because the deadlines don’t matter for it. I think the entry deadlines are updated after races are run…

I’ll go attempt to run races now :wink: Not like the lab’s got anything interesting going on :slight_smile:.

Thanks Andrea :smiley:

What lab are you talking about? lol

The one I’m in for Grad school… Bio grad school consists of being an underpaid researcher for 5 years more than taking classes or anything like that :wink:

Sounds like a ton of fun! :shock: And you sound really excited about it too :slight_smile:

I like it, except when stuff doesn’t work. :wink: