Question . . .

I don’t mean to be annoying but i was readingr through the new stats that shanti just put up. But when i look at my horse I only see: aga, sex, energy, fitness. And then energy has an ‘F’ under it and fitness has an ‘A’ under it. The FAQ says these should be %. I was wondering what the ‘F’ and the ‘A’ stand for. Also, where are all the other stats?

As it says on the training summary page, the scores listed are translated into letters, with margin of error. It would be too easy if we just said “54%” for energy.

The other stats aren’t visible…the only things you get are GOT, pedigree, and training summary. (Which, by the way, is more than you get for real-life racehorses.)

Oooo . . i get it . . its like grading . . letter grading right? I knew kinda about the GOT . . thanks alot.