pc problems

we had someone get on our pc with a password stealer and some kind of trojan among other things, and our pc is old so i will be offline until sunday, we are going to try to get a new pc tomorrow, so please be aware if there is any odd activity or any for that matter that it is not me, i wont be online again until possibly sunday. thanks, Carole

we have our new pc so everything is all better, i didnt realize how slow the old one was, wow !!! its like driving a ferari compared to a VW bug!!! lol
anyhow i am going to change my passy just to be safe, but so far so good,  ;D

Welcome back. :slight_smile:  Enjoy the new computer.

i changed my passy for the board but i cant get into my stable with either my old or new passy it keeps telling me its wrong or there is a problem with the log in

Check your PMs.

its still giving me this

There was a problem with your login information. Please verify your username and password and re-login.

i downloaded firefox to the new pc and now i can get in ,i guess it just didnt like explorer thanks for your help!!!