on the move again soon

Well got a call late last night from hub at work to tell me we will be moving AGAIN, we finally buy a house and they are sending us to Germany. I have til November to get everything done and sold, so much for giving much notice, anyhow just wanted to give a heads up i might be sporadic , but i will be on as much as i can until November anyhow, need to get my laptop fixed.

That sucks that you don’t get to enjoy your new house.  Germany sounds fun, though, at least.  (Gorgeous horses, if nothing else :wink:)

Good luck getting everything settled!

thanks it is , we lived there in  92-94 i had my son over there, the horses are amazing, and we will be in the same area we were before, so i wont be lost anyhow, and i remember a little bit of the German i learned, think ill bone up on it tho, lol, i got in touch with our Realtor today and shes coming by to figure out how to sell as quickly as possible. But cant wait to get the German chocolate again!!!