My racehorse broke his leg! I had to retire him… I’m leasing another racehorse, but I’m suspecting he’s past his prime… Ugh. I want to start over now.

Broken legs tend to result from over racing, having low energy when running in the race which might be a result of over training.  Re-evaluate what you think may have caused this unfortunate accident.  Some horses have come back from a broken leg after a year or so.  Also, check out the claiming races for affordable horses.

Sorry to hear about this. :-\

Other times broken legs are just the result of bad luck, the same as in real life.  Cat does have a good point that you should examine your racing/training regime and make sure it isn’t too strenuous.  Of course, we don’t have a great idea what constitutes “too strenuous” at the moment, but making sure you don’t race/train with lower than a C energy level is probably a good rough estimate.

With the claiming races and the number of stables looking to downsize lately, you should be able to pick up a good racer either outright or for lease fairly easily.

Check Crickett Hill She wants to lease some of her horses and she my be able to help you out with price and such!

Aww. I’m very sorry to hear about your racer. If my first racehorse broke his leg, I think I’d be heartbroken. I love that horse.

Good luck finding another racehorse to add to your stable. Andrea and Cat have good advice. There are some steps I take to ensure the safety of my horses;
First off, I always make sure that energy and fitness are high enough to make my horse as strong and alert as possible for a race.
Also, like they said, I try not to enter my horse in races very often, and only when he’s ready.
When I do workouts, (this I made up; I’m pretty sure it doesn’t even work…) I always start with walking or jogging and then pick up the pace mid workout. For example: I jog for a half mile, then gallop for a mile, then walk for a half mile. I’m a runner in real life, so I give my horse a warm-up and cool-down like I do when I run. Who knows if it even helps, but I like to think that my horse likes it better.

Like Andrea said, sometimes we just get some bad luck. I’m sorry it happened to you.  :(