No Refund on Scratched Horse

    I scratched “Show No Fear” out of the 24th race on Jan. 10/07 yesterday afternoon because of the lost? fitness for a 2 day ship and have not seen the money credited back to my account as of yet. Just thought you should know!


What page did you scratch from?

I went in thru my stable page and then into the enter race page and scratched from there!

If you scratched her today, you received no refund because entries have closed, as it said on the scratching page.

Shanthi, Myles said she was scratched on 1/07 (or “Jan. 1/07 yesterday afternoon” as written in the original post) :slight_smile:

I saw that, thanks.  I’ve checked the scratching code and it works.

Yay for working codes! Isn’t is just a great feeling when you know they’re all behaving? :smiley:

Yes, bugs being fixed/squashed is very nice. :slight_smile: