well somehow last night while i was online talking to my husband in korea someone hacked into my pc and killed it. I am having someone come look at it today but im not sure how long ill be without it. I am so upset with moving expenses etc, i just didnt need a computer repair bill on top of it all, so looks like my xmas horses are going to have to wait a while. Anyhow will be back online as soon as its fixed, this is the library pc so im limited to 15 min. wish me luck that its not going to need a new HD.

:twisted: carole :cry:

awww thats awful… good luck and hope to see u soon…

took a few days but i got my pc back tuesday night, esentially a new pc, everything reformatted, so now back to loading everything .

and thanks, :smiley:

That sucks that you lost all your stuff…though I find that a reformat is kinda nice one in a while, gives you that whole non-clutter experience. :slight_smile:

lol yeah thats one good thing i dont have to decide what to delete now!! lol tho he got it in safe mode so i got to save most of my pics and music etc, thank god for small miracles