Hi, My name is Jerry Matlock ( my friends call me Mat) and I joined FF 12/6/09-05.I live in Suffolk County,LI,NY.Hence the name Suffolk Stables.I am completely new to this so I hope I don’t make too many stupid mistakes and get too many people p off at me. Any things you see me doing wrong please don’t hesitate to point them out .I want to learn and run an excellent stable.Someday I hope to give some of you a run for your money, however from what I see it won’t be easy. I think that’s one of the reasons that make it so much fun.I like to build and strive for the expertise to become adept at what I do.Along those lines I was wondering if Shanthi ever entertained the idea of incorporating into the mix - building up you stables by purchasing additional land,barns,etc.For example everyone or every newbie could be given a basic amt. of land and a small stable and as they improved they could buy more land,Foaling barns,etc.That way when you had a large operation people would know you earned it instead of just stating it on the forum.It might even make it easier to supply horses for races or whatever.I know I would like to earn a large operation.The one big draw back might be that it could be a codeing
Nightmare.Either way this is a great site.
Well that’s my 2 cents.

It wouldn’t be a coding nightmare really, and I think we talked about it some, but I believe we eventually decided to pretty much leave FF the way it is now and in theory things like that will be incorporated in the potential future TUHOS/To Horse game Shanthi’d like to make which would span every aspect of horses (racing, showing, breeding, etc).

The stables/land/foaling barns/etc thing is incorporated in a very basic/theoretical sense, with taxes. Taxes are ladder-based, so richer/larger stables pay more taxes, on the presumption that, “in real life”, they have more land, nicer facilities, more staff, etc., so it costs more per year to run the stable.

As Andrea said, more micro-management stuff with stable ownership will likely be reserved for another game (if/when it’s ever developed :wink:).


Welcome to the game Mat. I’m from Suffolk County also, good to see some neighbors in the game. :smiley: Hope u like it here and good luck at the races.

Sange’s Studs

Welcome to the game. It is fantastic fun! I’ve been a member for years now. Just re-started with a new stable [for reasons we’ll just leave out :wink:] so I’m crawling my way back!

Any questions you have can normally be answered by the ‘Newbie Guide’ and ‘FAQs’, and also by reading through any of the sticky/important posts on the forum. If that fails to answer any question you have, just post on the forum and someone in this brilliant community will be happy to answer or point you in the right direction.

That said, enjoy the game and I’m sure lots of us look forward to racing your horses someday in the big Gr.1s! :slight_smile:

Thanks Guys.This is a great site and throughly enjoyable.
Sange-I live in Miller Place.
Thanks Shanthi for taking care of the auction problem.When you get a chance give me credit for the money I sent in as I am in minus figures now.
No rush as I can see from your posts your very busy-and don’t get annoyed.
I don’t understand the ranch accounting program.It shows Egyptian Queen deducted twice.
Thanks for explaining things Andrea.
Mat 8)

Unless you’ve donated money multiple times, you’ve already been creditted, I saw it when I went to check to make sure you could afford your auction bid and that’s not why it didn’t go through.

I donated again through pay pal.I was already credited for the first time by Shanthi.Thanks Andrea.

I don’t get an e-mail notification if it’s done solely through PayPal, so I didn’t know you’d donated. You’ve gotten your FF money now. :slight_smile: