New Addition to FF

Hello all!

Well I am one of the newest players to join FF so I thought I’d drop a line here and introduce myself. My name would be Meaghan and I am a 24yo female residing in the Central Prairies of Canada! In RL I am a registered Equine Sports Therapist specializing in nutrition, saddle fitting and massage. I have 1 horse right now, his name is Sniper and her is a 8yo Dun 15.2hh Quarter Horse gelding.

I know a couple people here from other sims… Hi Shanthi, Paul, Bam(from ever ago) and maybe some more… I look forward to meeting all of the great members and becoming an active member of the community. I love to chat so feel free to add me to your MSN and AIM lists :slight_smile:

Anyways thats all for now!
TTYL Meaghan
Alton Towers

Welcome Meaghan  ;D We have great people here, and I know you’ll fit right in.

Hullo! :smiley:

Glad to see you’ve joined! yayayay! You’ll have lots of fun, that’s for sure.

I’d add you to MSN, but you’re already there XD

Welcome again to the game.  :slight_smile:  I hope you have fun.

Hello and welcome!

welcome welcome welcome…

Just like to repaet what everybody else has said , and say welcome and have fun

Welcome from Edmonton, Alberta!
Are you from Saskatchewan or Manitoba?
When are you moving to Alberta like the rest of Canada?