Name Help?

His name is currently [color=blue]Zaktiz, which I’m not too fond of. He’s now [color=blue]Tizaflirt (thanks Ivy Creek), which I like a lot. (Tiznow x Flirtatious)

And I also have a two yearlings I need help naming as well.

[color=blue]Its Just Luck (actually sorta like his name) (Harvard Bound x Make Me Lucky)

[color=red]Transformazione Now [color=red]Ugly Duckling (Thanks Cat!) (Almost Home x Juno’s Swan).

Any name suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Click on the names to go to their pages.

Tiz Forever, maybe?  Borrowing from his granddam’s name.

Ugly Duckling just kind of strikes me, coming from the notion that she’s “Almost A Swan.”  Maybe not quite what you were looking for…

Ugly Duckling?  Cat, have I ever told you that I love your names?

Seriously though!!! Look at Cat’s horses. She has great taste :stuck_out_tongue:

AWGH. Blast. I found out the name I was going to suggest for Zaktiz was taken–Twitterpated (Not exactly, but close enough… Which actually surprises me… And makes me want that horse… TOTALLY KIDDING. I promise.)

BUT… I have back up (for Zaktiz, that is)… Tiz Mine? Tizzacious (Made-up word… hehe)? Tiz My Dear? Tizza Playa’ (It’s just so gangsterrr)? Just throwin’ things out there (naming is fun :stuck_out_tongue:).

I love Ugly Duckling for the lady, Transformazione there… I can’t even come up with any other ideas now because it is too perfect to compete with… :astonished:

Transformazione is now Ugly Duckling. XD

And no gansta names. DX

Hmm…I’m not an expert or anything, but here’s a few I’ve thought of:

Tiz A Flirt    (sounds girly to me, though…but it has a nice ring!)
Tiz A Charmer
Tiz A Romancer
Tiz A Casanova
Tiz A Ladykiller
Tiz A Lover
Tiz A Playboy

I like Tizaplayboy or Tizaflirt. I’m leaning towards the latter, though. Heheh. Tizaflirt. XP

Cute names so far. :slight_smile: The only one I can think of to add is Tiz A Tease.

Tiz Thee
Tiz Thy Time
Wonzit (Tiznow backwards XD)

Bound to Luck
Bound By Luck
Harvy Two Lucky
Luck Bound

Lol, I love Cat’s names ^.^

Heh.  I didn’t realize I had following.

Another bite at the apple:

Tiz A Lie
Tiz of Thee (From the song that goes, "My country, tis of thee, sweet land of liberty…)
In A Tizzy
Fizzy Tizzy

Tiz A Flirt, Tiz Love

In the movie, Legally Blonde, Reese Witherspoon was Harvard Bound. As it’s a colt, you could call it Legally Blond (without the “E” at the end - that’s the masculine way of spelling it).

How about:

Tiz A Song

I do not know… ???

Bound to be Lucky?

Harvard Prep, Harvard Grad, Ima Harvard Boy, Make Me Harvard, First Choice, Preppy Boy,
Ima Bound Man, Unbound…

Hmmm…well that’s my thought process…
I kinda like Ima Harvard Boy, Ima Bound Man, and Unbound …I haven’t checked the data base for duplicates but hey.  :slight_smile: