Multiple Stable Entries in same race

I can understand the necessity to limit the stable owners to 1 horse per 2yo race. But I thought that the same held true for all races. I understand that the entries close for races 24 hours before race day, that is effectively tonight at midnite. At what time do the stable owners get to double up on entering more horses into an unfilled race? My question is in reference to:
Apr. 12, 2010
Race #14, 8 furlongs (Dirt) Allowance, 4yo+, $45,000 - England


2yo races are limited to 1 entry/race
All other races are limited to 2 entries/race

All of this is ignored on the final day of entries (Monday/Thursday), when stables can enter another horse per race

So basically at Midnite on Sunday and Thursday we are free to enter a second horse or have all the slots for that race filled by others?


Yeah, on Monday/Thursday you may enter a 2nd or 3rd horse into any race (depending on whether it’s a 2yo race or not). Obviously that’s dependent on there being room in the race.

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