Hi everyone,
I have a few horses that need to be laid up at a farm for about 5 months starting January 1, 2012.  I’d be willing to pay $3000 per each horse to be rested at a farm near where they are located. 
Shanthi if this is not allowed please tell me.  I just don’t wanna ship all my horse’s that are in NY to Australia for lay up then ship them back to NY to race.

The horse’s are as follows:

Albasear- located at Aqueduct and looking for a farm close to there.  Needs to be rested until June 1, 2012.

Devil’s Acre- located at Aqueduct will be making h is last 2011 start 11-28 and will need some rest if he doesn’t do well.  He should only need about 3 months of rest.

Edinburg- located at Woodbine and he will have one more start as a two year old and then will need about 4 months to rest. 

If anyone can help me out please let me know… I am also neg. on the prices.  Thanks so much@@

You can stick them at my place on a free lease to me. :slight_smile: I don’t need money for it. I’m happy to help. :slight_smile:

I’m about 100 miles from the Saratoga Track, so if you wan the horses in NY then I fit the bill. :slight_smile:

Just let me know what you want done with them as im happy to do w/e. (o except really race them in big purse races as i’m in…a rut as far as cha-ching goes. :slight_smile: but that is gradually improving. lol )

I’d be happy to have them at Ivy Creek Farm to rest - I’m 35 miles from Aqueduct.   :)  The ONLY fee I would ask is the fee of shipping them from Aqueduct TO my farm (varies from $100-$200/trip, depending on what the cracked out code decides for the day…usually $200, though), but they can stay with me for free as I don’t really NEED the money.  Oh, and one other favor…if I ever have any horses in Australia that need a layup, you might consider letting me send some your way to rest.  :wink:  LOL.  Hope it’s not too much to ask…

My place is available and is 25 miles from the Big A.  shipping is $100 and that would be the only charge.

Let me know if interested.
Triple M Racing
and Candi Cane Racing is same location and has room for a couple of months also.

Haha you’ve got quite a few offers! I could also take them on, for 100% free (no charge for shipping, entering, etc.). I’m 9 miles from Saratoga and I ship back and forth from Woodbine and Aqueduct all the time, so it’s no problem at all. ;D

Hello everyone.  Thank you for all of your help it is very kind of everyone.  If ANYONE ever has any horses in Australia that need some lay up time please DO NOT hesitate to ask me.  I’d love to do the favor for you.  I have PM’ed the person that had the best deal for me. 


You might want to check the taxes that take part when you lease a horse.  You may be charged the racehorse tax when you lease and might want to consider that when you broker your deal.  Just a heads up. :slight_smile:

This is a good idea! I have to run most of my horses in the US as there is not enough racing in England to keep them going. If anyone would be willing to do the same for some of mine I would happily pay shipping fees, taxes and some upkeep. Don’t need anything quite yet but probably by the start of next year. And if I can help out similarly for anyone else I’d be glad to do so