Layup Favor

Hi everyone,
I am not sure if this is allowed or anything but my filly LilMissBlueBlood needs a break!  She is at Woodbine right now and I would have to ship her home to Australia if i were to give her a break and that is $25,100.  Would any one be interested in taking her for me and putting her on their farm for 3 months if you are at Woodbine.


I’m 100 miles from Saratoga and it is $700 for me to ship to Woodbine. I’d be happy to house her for you for three months. :slight_smile: Lemme know!


I’m 50 miles from woodbine and could house her for awhile if you would like

I am 40miles from there and I would be willing to I have like six horses for others doning the same at my stable and one more is no problem :wink:

Hey Zurg,
How much would it cost for me to keep her with you?  I just picked you because you’ve done this before and you are the closest.  thanks so much to everyone that offered tho it is greatly appreciated!  what is your stable name so i can set her up for a lease to you?

Pick Up The Pace and what ever…I have horses from 0-1000 for layup right now.

well she is up to free lease to you, but you have to tell me how much i’d owe you and how i could pay you because i wouldn’t feel right having you do it for free.

I am doing for free and cost for the other horse…I do not mind…I love this game…just consider me a friend doing a favor for a friend! :stuck_out_tongue: