How does.....

How does FF decide what the track condition for each race will be?

Shanthi goes to the time/trouble of looking up all the real tracks that are being used and using the track condition that’s listed at race time.  Another reason races are often delayed, due to waiting for real track conditions to be posted.

I had no idea she did that. :slight_smile: That’s very cool.

Huh, I didn’t either!  We learn something new every day, don’t we!  That’s very cool.

Yep, that’s why I don’t run the Derby (and other TC races) until after they happen IRL, since then I know exactly what the track condition is.  :slight_smile:

Generally I just look up the town on, though, and base track conditions off of that.  ;-)  A lot of tracks are “dark” on Wednesdays, so their websites don’t post track conditions.

I had no idea either. Another awesome thing to point out to people who don’t “get” why I’m so enamored with this game.

Well you learn something new everyday… :slight_smile:

Wow!! That has to take alot of time!! Thanks for all of your hard work Shanthi!!!

Great big thank you to both shanthi and andrea for the hard work they do!

Many thanks to the two top ladies for all their work. :slight_smile: