How about this idea for money problems?

Since money or lack there of, seems to be the topic of choice at this time.

How about no shipping charges for the rest of the year? 

No entry fees for the rest of the year?


For all new players up till one yr, no shipping or entry fees?  That way they can try to make as much as they can, without spending a bloody fortune to get it done.

Shipping charges are a huge expense.  It severely limits new players in where they can run.  The prices are outrageous for a new player to pay.  I am almost a yr and it still severely limits where I can run.

I know if this was implemented there would be stables who are just under or just over the 1 yr mark.  So, extend them for 6 months and they all start and end the 6 months on the same day.  Oct 1st to April 1st as an example.

It seems… Frankly, like a copout. And that’s speaking as a new member.

Right now I’m balancing my budget (granted, I probobly shouldn’t have put in a 20K claim when I’ve got 28K to play with…) and selected a good area for a new stable to form (NY Area). People who place themselves in NY have reasonable shipping to 3 tracks, races year round, and no problems like this.

Personally… I don’t think there’s a money problem. I know one player who’s been getting charged shipping for her Leasees and has been having her account drained… But I just… Honestly don’t see a problem.

The Loan discussion will, however, give people like me an option for… If say that claim goes through, and I hit a run of bad luck (IE: my 15K investment horse never makes it back proper-like after his recovery period), I would have a fallback route…
But really… Money isn’t a universal problem, from what I’ve seen, just a universal concern. and in a game with a major financial component, I wouldn’t expect cashflow to be anything less than one of the big thoughts on the minds of every member.

I say no. You can’t just cut fees - That’s not fair to ANYONE. New members already start off with a Newbie Discount.

Past experiences with trying to give newbies a break has resulted in frustration for everyone in the game. New members are upset they’re two days over x time to qualify for y. If you can come up with an alternate way, kudos to you. I don’t think cutting fees will fly with anyone, though :-\

But like Kitsufox said, the loan discussion is under way and its currently looking good. I’d put my effort into getting that passed if I were one of the newer members. It really looks like it will help you guys out =)

I don’t think cutting fees will fly for anyone either. I was fortunate enough to start when there wasn’t much expense in the game, but I still don’t agree with cutting more costs than is already cut for newbies. I feel bad for them, yes, and if there is loans (though I voted no), it will help them. But if people put serious thought into the location of their stable, I think that shipping costs isn’t too outragious. I never spend too much on shipping because I took quite a while of studying options and what races are held where.

But, yes, there seems to be many complaints about how much expense there is, especially for newbies. For my personal record, how many players are having this problem? I’m not trying to be personal, I just don’t have this problem, and I’ve been spend-happy lately. I’ve never had over $500,000 before, but I’ve had enough to do fine. :slight_smile: