Horse names

Hi, is it possible to put your stables initials at the start of you horses name as a brand, for example ULS Party Girl. So that the name can’t be changed and the horse can be recognised as being previously bred by that stable?

Quotes directly by Shanthi (owner) herself in a post in the Breeding - General forum:

I took a look at a few of your questions, and most can be answered by reading the forum posts / FAQ’s. Post of the whole topic for your reference is at:,1524.0.html


The short answer is no! We are following the Thoroughbred register where each horse has to have a distinctive name. This is different from Standardbred racing where you can tack on the sort of identifier you are looking for!! Yes, I was bummed about it to!!

That’s why there’s a line about who the breeder was on the horse’s ID page.  You still get credit, just a bit more subtle.

Cool Thanks. :slight_smile: