Hello world of FF.
Dessy here. I have been registered a while but like, never had time to get into the game. Its really a pathetic story. Anyways though. I am going to try to get on FF more.
So I am your typical horse loving teen. I own a Quarter Horse gelding. He is a bay boy and can be kinda omg’y. His name is Scotch N Cinnamon but he goes by Scotch. I love him to death. We ride western and bareback. We are going English in the spring. Apart from the horse world, I do very well in school. Ahem 4.0 haha. During the summer months, I show sheep market lambs. I am getting the next two in a few months. I am very excited. So I am really friendly and love to talk. I am really excited to start getting into FF.

Quick question, where would I go to email Shanthi to get my stable reinstate for races? xP

Thanks and Hi to all :slight_smile:

NOTE: Kay so after kinda browsing around the forum, I realized I put this in a totally wrong forum. shrug oh well? my bad

Welcome to the game! :slight_smile:

Welcome! Believe me, this game is very addictive!