Hey All!

Hi my name is Dawn, and I now own Battle Hill Farm. I’m really looking forward to having a long & sucessful stay in FF. I’m starting with 2 race horses. and Hope to eventually become a top breeder.

I’m excited to be here!

All the best and good luck!

Hi Dawn,

Welcome to the game and good luck with your stable. :smiley:

Welcome to FF, Dawn! :slight_smile:

Gorgeous avatar, by the way…who is it? :slight_smile: (I’m a sucker for greys)

Thnx Shanthi,

His name is With Approval a Canadian bred Stallion by Caro, he’s one of my faves…

He’s Canadian Triple Crown winner
1989 Canadian Horse of the Year and Champion 3yo colt

and his record is 23 Starts, 13 Wins, 5 Places, 1 Shows Career Earnings: $2,863,540
too bad he’s not in the game… I’d be finding a mare to breed to him… hehehe…

and I’m with you… love the greys…

Nice…if we didn’t have a mare named With Approval I’d consider adding him to FF’s roster…though FF already has some famous studs who are lacking in support. :frowning:

My favourites are the really really light greys that almost look white. I love them horses. Sub Zero and La Bella Dama… Mmmm… :wink: Also pure black ones are hot too! :smiley:

You’d like Emma, then, when she’s having a black day. :wink: (She varies from pretty solid bay-looking to solid black, no clue why she’s so prone to sun-bleaching)

Welcome to FF!

I have to say I love greys and blacks, too, although it’s always better to see a grey – you just don’t get too many grey racehorses, you know? I’ve seen way too many fields that are a mass of brown.

That’s thanks to the Jockey Club thinking that the grey gene was cursed/diseased/etc (possibly due to the homozygous roan effect? But then, in theory, there are no roan TBs, so who knows). At any rate, apparently every grey TB can be traced back to 1 horse who “survived” the culling of grey horses back in the 18th century or so. :slight_smile:

I saw a roan racehorse O.o The barn I used to ride at kept racehorses who were injured or needed time off for a stable in NY. They had this huge 17 black roan there. Not a blue roan, he was black, but he was obviously roaned. I had thought he was just changing colors but he was a bit old for that so Im sure he was roan.

Welcome to the game, I love greys and anything that looks black. (I was a huge War Emblem fan since he was a really dark bay.) Plus his stripe made him look so beautiful. Sunday Silence was equially beautiful also from the pictures I’ve seen of him. :cry:

Edea, are you sure he wasn’t just greying out?

On a roan sidenote, Emma’s got roaning going on her flanks for no apparent reason. :wink: I think she’s just a freak of nature.

Actually since the Thoroughbred breed carries the rabicano gene… it is possible for them to have roaning. not the true QH roans or the Appaloosa roans. Roaning in the flanks and tail base (skunk tails) is quite common in the TB breed.

Ah ha… that explains Emma’s freakness. :wink:

I too, love your avatar. Reminds me of my old horse Callie :wink:

Welcome to the game and good luck :slight_smile:

With Approval wouldn’t happen to be related to With Anticipation, would he be? With Anticipation was my favorite when he was racing. He also happened to be on the cover of my first Daily Racing Form. He’s a grey, too.

Oh, and if you go to http://www.whitehorseproductions.com/tbcolor1.html, you can find explanations of all the thoroughbred color types (grey and rabicano are on the second page).

Yeah, Im sure he wasnt graying out. I was told he was blue roan, though he wasn’t any shade of blue roan I ever saw. Real pretty horse though.

No he’s not even distantly related… With Approval is by Caro out of a Buckpasser daughter… He was foalerd in Canada & still stands there…

Actually, the roan gene does not exist in Thoroughbreds…‘roan’ is Thoroughbred-speak for a late-changing gray…which often /can/ look rather like roans. The give away is the muzzle. A gray’s muzzle is lightened. A roan’s remains the base color.

That doesn’t explain Shanthi’s freak horse who has roaning on her flanks around the swirly but no where else :wink:

On a side note… anyone know what could cause a horse with 2 reg’d TB parents to spontaneously be an App? We’re talking full out roaning/spots/etc. A friend of mine about 10 years ago had one who she said was by 2 TB parents, he looked like a TB, but yeah, well, I’m pretty sure there’s no random recessive App genes in the TB bloodline. :wink:

The biologist in me is wondering what the chances are of random mutations in color genes that lead to other coat patterns. (So, for instance, there shouldn’t be roan TBs but random mutation leads to roan foal, etc).