Hey Everyone,

I’m new to final furlong. I actually played the original FF a few years ago and now I’m hoping to start up again. Here’s a little about myself: My name is Jackie and am a sophomore at the college of new jersey. Right now my major is civil engineering, but we’ll see how that goes. I’ve been riding for 11 years and I love to ride jumpers, and right now I’m learning combined training. Ummmmm, that’s really all. I love horses and anything that has to do with horses, so that’s why FF is so great. So I guess I’ll talk to you all later and I hope to meet everyone soon. Good racing. :smiley:

Welcome Jackie, i hope you have a really good time! Final Furlong rocks. :slight_smile:

Hi Jackie,

Hope you enjoy the game. Good Luck.

Thanks, Morning Star and Sange.

Welcome (back)! :slight_smile: What stable did you used to own?

My former stable name was Four Winds Farm. Wood Haven is the barn I ride at now.

welcome back Jackie!
VR was cool… FF is hip, and cooler
In all seriousness… :wink: