Happy 2yo day!!

Good luck to everyone and their fickle little fillies and colts! Here is hoping some come home paychecks :slight_smile:

YAY!  Very excited.  =)  Of course, this time of year breed rankings always take a tumble.  So, a duel-edged sword.

Woo! I have a love/hate relationship with 2yos. :wink:

I’m sending out

I have a hate/hate relationship with 2YOs…

I’ve got two out today. One is a May filly (oops) but she’s 16.2 so perhaps an early maturer. The other is a colt. Not expecting anything except a drop in my stable’s racing stats! :wink:

I’ve got one filly out today, the diminutive (14.1) [b][color=red]Snowy Range[b]. Probably too early for her but I’m willing to give her a shot.

Edit; also watching [color=blue]Voodoo Magic with bated breath because I bought his mother early on, I want to see how her foals run.

Looking over my entries, next week is actually more star-studded.

But for now:
Steadfast Steed, a big boy at 16.0hh; from the first crop of WCh. Gotta Go out of MSW-producing mare, Steadfast Lover
Joey the Giant, another boy sticking at 16.0hh; by Giants Causeway out of the recently retired mare Joey Three Socks
Point of Pride, 16.2hh colt; by Point Given out of GCh. Daddys Pride
Lonely Victor, 15.3hh colt; by Dark Continent out of Lone Star–super psyched to see how DC foals run
Lost Opportunity, 16.0hh filly; by High Chances out of multi-MSW-producing Fleeting Beauty
Reprise,16.3hh filly; by High Chances out of Ch. Out of Tune; First foal of dam who is 1/2 to WCh. King David
Ramses, 16.1hh colt; by King David out of MSW-producing Mumbojumbo
Unconditional Love. 15.3hh colt; by I’m Your Angel out of NCh. Unconditional; first foal of dam
Chance of Rain, 15.0hh filly; by High Chances out of recently deceased Singinintherain

It’s next week that I have 2yos out by Go For Glory (dam of SW’ing NCh. Demand the Best and Ch. Toast of the Town) and Final Tour (dam of Ch. Tickled Pink) who tend to produce nice 2yo runners.

No 2yos for us until Wednesday but good luck everybody with runners today.

I’ve got 5 headed out today O.o This seems like such a huge number to me since I think I’ve only ever OWNED 1-2 2yo’s the last 2 years. At least at the beginning of the 2yo season. Very excited!

I’m Your Devil, by I’m Your Angel; first foal o/o MW Jezabelle, a half-sib to NCH. Devil May Care.
On Dove’s Wings, by I’m Your Angel; first foal out of MW Her Ladyship (by Sir Barton).
Field of Diamonds, by Ring of Fire; o/o gold-ranked I’m Yours Joe, dam of WCH. I’m Your Angel. Most excited to see how he goes.
As You See, by As You Wish; first foal o/o MW Maximus (by Whirlaway). She’s big, 16hh, and was one of our Color War prizes.
Daytona Weekend, by A.P. Indy; dam has produced 9 winners from 9 runners including a MSW.

And more next weekend of course! As long as everyone comes home safely I’ll be happy, but a paycheck would definitely put a big smile on my face, haha.

Haha, I have love for the potential they have. Hate when they ignore that, though.

Gotta love the babies.

Once you start racing your homebreds, the number of 2yos in your barn grows exponentially.  Not only do you still pick up weanlings/yearlings that turn into 2yos, but you also feel compelled to hold onto your homebreds…

I think I should start naming my foals awful names so that they’re easy to let go.  Thankfully down to 23 this year from 27 last year. 

Lucky! I’m at 50!  :astonished: Though 5 of them will be auctioned off next week.

To put it in perspective, I have 49 on my racing string, 40 of whom are 3yos or younger.  I have no idea what happened to all my oldsters.

And yes, I’m sitting on the forum, killing time until results happen.  Giddy!

Sounds like me… I’ve got 47 racers, 6 of them are 4YO, the rest 3yo or younger.

I can’t be bothered with under performing 4yo+ boys and most of my allowance mares go to the broodmare barn if they don’t do anything in the first couple of months aged 4yo…

Heh.  That was a bust.  Of all the 2yos I sent out, only one paycheck. :wink:

I sent out only two, and got one come back with a 2nd-place (second one is still trying to find the finish line, lol). But then I realized they’re both June foals, so maybe they’re not mature enough yet. I’ve got a Feb foal running on Wednesday, so hopefully he does well.

A second and a third for me. The winner of the race was a horse I sold at my 2YO auction. Damn Buenos Aires and his only-could-be-a-winner name… :wink: Congrats on your purchase Shanthi!

Good luck all you i’m your angel babies :wink:

That sounds like a really good idea. Although I’d be kicking myself if one of my babies finally turned into a superstar and was named Bologna Boy or something lol

If I’ve got it in my mind to sell them, I try not to name them. Not sure the plan’s working though!

Haha, 7 out, best result was a third place. Babies. ^-^