Gotapa 2028 Foal Crop

Congrats on the lovely Emoji filly! I love her name!

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Ch. Honeydukes x Red Light District (S) - Citation (B)
9.1h chestnut filly

27 colts | 24 fillies | 2 stillborn
3 still due


Congrats on the Honeydukes filly!

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GCh. Dark Ages x At War With Love - Created
8.1h bay filly

27 colts | 25 fillies | 2 stillborn
2 still due


With one still due fillies have completely caught up and we even have a chance to end the season with equal numbers!

FFCh. Black Cherry (B) x Ch. Briar Rose - NCh. Highland Wizard (S)
8.2h chestnut filly

Should be a solid turf runner when she grows up.

27 colts | 26 fillies | 2 stillborn
1 still due


Not the best way to end the breeding season, as our last foal was a stillborn. Still not a bad season as I’ve had only a few stillborns and none of my top mares were retired or died. Can’t wait to see how this bunch will hit the track in two years!

Stillborn colt
Ch. Emoji x My Secret Wish (B) - WCh. As You Wish (B)

27 Colts | 26 Fillies | 3 Stillborn

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So sorry to see your breeding season end this way, but I’m glad to that you had so many other healthy and lovely foals this year. I do offer LFG with Emoji so if you’d like to breed her back for free I can set that up for you!

Sorry you had a stillborn to finish the season. Fingers crossed for a safe foaling next time.

Than you, @Jacquie! I’ve decided to skip breeding My Secret Wish this year in favor of an earlier slot next year. If your LFG transfers to next year I’ll make a note to retry the breeding then!

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That’d be fine by me, I’ll make a note to carry that over for next year!