Generous Foals 2023

Thanks! He’s huge :grinning:

Fillies still just ahead. This morning’s arrival was bred by Denoux Stud.

ICh. Belanso (S) x Ch. Eloquence (S) - FFCh. High Chances (S)
Bred by Denoux Stud

9.3h grey filly

1/2 sister to Bilingual

37 Colts | 39 Fillies

First of the next batch has arrived a few days early but both mum and baby doing well.

NCh. Allinvain x ICh. Blackbird (S) - The Black (S)
9.2h bay colt

3/4 brother to GCh. Millennium Falcon
1/2 brother to Ch. Counting Crows, Ch. Malayensis, Ch. Reafan, Take Wing

There have been ravens at the Tower of London for hundreds of years. Legend has it that if the ravens leave, the tower and the city will fall (I believe their wings are clipped so they can’t leave now). The Ravenmaster is the person who has responsibility for the welfare of the ravens. The current post holder has written a book about it although I’ve yet to read it.

39 Colts | 41 Fillies

LOVE the name! I am not responsible if he vanishes. That fence has always been broken.

:joy::joy: thanks. I’m off to check my fences!

NCh. Golden Text (G) x Ch. Mayhem (S) - Created
9.0h brown filly

1/2 sister to Reign of Terror. Fourth living foal for MSW dam who was one of our starter horses.

39 Colts | 42 Fillies

Two more healthy colts overnight. Colts now only behind by one.

NCh. Allinvain x Just A Fox (G) - Gallant Fox (S)
8.2h bay colt

1/2 brother to WCh. Sionnach, NCh. Llwynog, Ch. Kingston Coup, Ch. Vulpecula, Ch. Just Like Ice, Ch. Crowd Teaser

NCh. Golden Text (G) x Ch. Nightlit Haze - WCh. Nightfight (S)
9.0h bay colt

41 Colts | 42 Fillies

Amazed both names were available. Nice colts. :slight_smile:

Also surprised the names weren’t taken. Love Outfoxed.

Golden Knight might find another broken fence. You really should get those looked at.

@Shelbie - the maintenance man’s got a long list of fences that need fixing :wink:

Today is a filly day. Last year I think we only had one homebred Sionnach filly but lots of colts, this year is the complete opposite with mostly fillies.

WCh. Sionnach x Ch. Devils Grace - NCh. Devil May Care (S)
9.3h black filly
Dam’s older foals are unraced, being with an inactive stable. Hopefully her 2yo will run at some point this year.

WCh. Sionnach x Fremantle - FFCh. Foolhardy (S)
8.3h black filly
First foal for MSP dam who is half to NCh Madam President, out of a half sister to WCh Nightfight and WCh Gotta Go.

ICh. Calle de Oro x GCh. Unbridled Frolic (G) - Unbridled (B)
9.3h blue roan filly

1/2 sister to Ch. Somekindawonderful, Ch. Merriment

41 Colts | 45 Fillies

Just 5 left to foal now. Fillies still have the lead.

NCh. Bellagio (S) x NCh. Highland Paint (S) - WCh. Highland Bandit (S)
10.0h bay filly

1/2 sister to Principality

41 Colts | 46 Fillies

Ugh - love the names, love the pedigrees…love it all. Congrats!

Thank you Alyssa @ivycreekfarm

Not a very original name but safe arrival over night.

NCh. Golden Text (G) x Ch. First Fox (S) - Omaha (G)
9.3h chestnut colt

1/2 brother to Ch. Angelius, Ch. The Next Point, Quick Like A Fox

With three foals still due, the fillies have come out on top this year but it’s a pretty even split.

42 Colts | 47 Fillies

NCh. Golden Text (G) x British Pounds (G) - Sadler’s Wells (S)
8.3h dark bay filly

Full sister to Ch. City of Gold (2019), Money Talks (2022)
1/2 sister to Ch. Old Norse, Ch. Royal Mint

42 Colts | 48 Fillies

LOVE the name!

Thanks @Shelbie.

Another girl overnight. One left to foal.

NCh. Fight The Twilight (B) x Doll Face (B) - Rahy (S)
8.2h bay filly

42 Colts | 49 Fillies

Final foal of the season arrived safe and sound overnight. Our biggest foal crop to date but glad to report that all 92 arrived safely. We lost one mare to complications of foaling and had another couple retire.

GCh. Mantle of Power (S) x Ch. Darkly Burning - WCh. Strider (S)
8.1h black colt

43 Colts | 49 Fillies

Congrats on the final foal!