funny jockey comment

just got this on one of my horses.  Thought it was cute

Silvery Moon tore off my pants, kicked me, dumped his waterbucket over my head and then took off down the road. Y?know, I think we should cut down on the sweet feed. He's obviously got too much energy. Oh, and you owe me a pair of jeans.

lol love it! Didn’t Cat come up with that awhile ago…or was that a Shanthi Original? Either way I hope the next time a jockey gets dumped by one of mine he leaves that comment. :slight_smile:

Yesterday I had two horses do that to there poor ol’ riders.  ^-^

Haha, I had a colt do that to one of my riders this morning. I actually laughed out loud when I read it. :smiley:

Oh wow.  I didn’t realize Shanthi actually took me up on it.  Score!!

Heh. I guess that makes up for losing the GOTs and the couple lines I submitted for those.

Actually, I wouldn’t hope for it–it’s indicative Natural Energy being kinda low.  Horses getting dumped on the track is just horses being ornery/pissy, I thought.

It was too good to pass up, Cat.  :slight_smile:

And yes, the long-winded comment involving the pants is a sign that your horse’s natural energy is low.  The one that’s something like “Your %*!)$) horse dumped me!” is the horse being ornery.

I showed it to my mom and she said she hadn’t seen that one before.  We were both laughing good.

She says she has gotten the “ornery” one quite a bit though.

You mention natural energy being low to get this remark.  I worked them both and they were A/A and A/B.  I have them entered in their 1st races on the 10th and thought they should do something a couple of days before.
They are C/A and C/B after their mild works.  I am hoping they will go back up in time for saturday. 
I am just learning them since I just started this last week.

Natural Energy is different than the energy displayed on the pages.  Think of Natural Energy as sort of like a burnout meter.  If the natural energy is low, it’s a sign that the horses are getting due for some R and R time on the farm.  Sort of like when you get tired of going to school and need a day off.  Natural energy gets used up when horses race and when they do workouts.  It also slowly goes down just from being at a hectic track.

Also, there is no way to gauge Natural Energy like you can gauge Energy/Fitness - you’re supposed to just watch for a dramatic performance drop or the comment about the jockey, because it will be more subtle…in case you were wondering.  :slight_smile:

Relaxing at the farm is the only way to remedy it, I believe.

Huh. The horse that I got that comment from was a 2 y/o, and this was only his second workout (walking 1/2 mile). He’s been at Woodbine for all of 3 days now. Oh, well… guess it’s back to the farm for awhile and we’ll try again a little later in the season.

In that case, it may be that the jockey has no clue what he’s talking about.  There is a fairly large margin of error in the jockey comments (though I believe less so for the natural energy comment, and none at all for the “how well I know this horse” comment).

However, if the 2yo’s been at the track for 3 months, it could have low natural energy even though it’s never been worked out/raced.

Filly with A/A for energy/fitness and a race tomorrow.  I jogged her a half mile to keep her fitness level up and the jockey said…ran out of steam?  Hope she doesn’t do that tomorrow.

As has been stated many, many times, jockeys WILL be wrong about stuff until they know your horse.  (Plus there’s the possibility that the margin of error for energy/fitness overestimated how much she had.)