Fitness and Energy

In summary it says my horse is one pooped pony with a D for energy.  In workouts it says he’s not 100% but he can do some work with a B for energy.  What?  Which is the most accurate?  With only 5 levels (ABCDF) there is not much wriggle room. 

Who do I believe?   ???

There is a margin of error whenever energy is displayed.  Given this margin of error, your horse is probably at a C for energy (workout page is rounding up, training page is rounding down).

There is plenty of “wiggle room” on the levels of energy, unless your horse is at very low/negative energy (in which case it will always display F).

Ah…that helps.

Thanks.  ;D

(I’ll keep that formula in my notes until I am used to what I see.)

That whole thing was a very useful post, but especially where I put bold. I understand a lot more now. Thank you!  :wink:

She’s not saying that those 2 pages always do that, she’s saying that it’s possible that that’s what’s going on and why there’s such a big difference.

The 2 pages are completely independent of each other, so it’s like how if you visit the training summary page twice during the day your horse might go from an A to a C.  The horse hasn’t actually changed his energy level (unless you worked him out :wink:) he was just trying to bite the groom the first time you walked by and sleeping in the back of his stall the second :slight_smile:.


How can I boost my horses Energy? They are all quite fit, two C’s and a D, but the rest are either A or B. However, with two exceptions, they all have F for Energy.

I don’t think I’m over working them, they all follow a similar workout regime, Day one they do 1/2 mile Walk, day two - 1/2 mile Jog, day three - 1/2 mile Canter followed by 1/2 mile walk, day four - 1/2 mile Canter followed by 1/2 mile Gallop, day five - 1/2 mile walk followed by 2 furlongs breeze, day six - 1/2 mile walk and day seven they rest.  They aren’t being over-raced as they tend to race every 2 1/2 to 3 weeks.

All suggestions will be gratefully accepted.  Thanks.

The only way to boost energy is to not work the horse out at all.  Resting at a farm will raise energy a bit faster.

I’d remove the breeze from your regular schedule and just use it if your horse has high energy but low fitness and needs a perk.  Otherwise your schedule looks good.

I haven’t seen where this has been asked.

I checked my link of : 1 horse entered to run on Feb 6.
It shows my gelding is a “C,F” so I immediately scratch.
I click on the Summary page and it says the horse is “A,C”
this is like 1 minute apart.  Which is true or closer to being true?
I go to Workouts and horse is a “B,D”
This is not at  different times in the day, but all w/in a matter of minutes.
Also, horse was not out to the track w/ in the last couple of days.
Thanks in advance.

It’s already been posted several places that all energy/fitness displays run off the same code, and include a margin of error.  Therefore, it might display several things based on the margin of error.  If you “average” the 3 scores you got, the horse is most likely B/D for energy/fitness.

Thanks. It just was confusing me(not hard to do :stuck_out_tongue:) and I was entering this horse in a stakes race and didn’t want to hurt him.