FF on Wii

Just had to share that I recently discovered the internet feature on our Wii(it hooks up to our wireless signal) and took a look at FF on it! Something about looking at FF on our plasma was pretty neat! The picture itself was nothing special (actually kinda a pain in the butt to navigate using the Wii controllers mostly because the screen doesn’t quite fit on the Wii’s “browser”) but it was just cool to see it on a T.V. If we ever have animated races I for one am watching all of them through the Wii!

WOAH. When I saw the title to this, I thought “OMG! THAT’S A GREAT IDEA!” I think FF would totally rock as a (fully animated) game on Wii… That would be AMAZING. I’m sure things like it have been done (actually, I know they have… but ANYWAY)… But still… Wow. Just wow. ;D

Been doing FF on my 42" LCD TV for months. I have my comp hooked up to it.