FF Double entries

Shanthi or Andrea,

I just noticed on the November 19th post parade every race that FF has entered horses the horses are entered twice in the same race. Very weird. :slight_smile:

sigh thanks for the head’s up… I’ll try and fix it pre-dinner tonight if I have time, if not it might delay races a bit…

(Also, they’ll probably be late tomorrow if up at all, so no one spaz please :wink:)

sounds good. Yeah, when I saw that I thought it might be a “sigh” problem. Hope you have a good dinner. I think my budget is leaving me with Ramen noodles tonight. :wink:

Enh, husband’s work schedule ended up leaving me with a frozen burrito thingy alone instead :wink: But I did get to see Goblet of Fire, so it work out alright.

Oh man I want to see that SO bad!! I’m waiting till my mom is back in town and then we’re going to see it together. I think I would have rather had frozen burrito’s…man, ramen noodles just suck!..lol. I tried to eat some and I think I got down like 5 bites. Good drunk food though! :slight_smile: